Install Windows 7

Install Windows 7


Install Windows 7

Install Windows 7 is one of the sections that we have discussed in this article. Note that people may be wondering what the need to install Windows 7 is when updating and launching new Windows. While it is easy to install more up-to-date windows on your systems?To answer this question, it should be said that there are still organizations and companies that use Windows 7 on their systems and install it, so to install it and how to do it, you can study this The article received Lam trainings.The important point that you should pay attention to when installing Windows 7 is that if your system is damaged by Windows and you have to replace it, before replacing it, you must first enter your partition information on the part. Transfer to another hard drive to prevent your data from jumping.

To install Windows 7, your system RAM must be at least one gigabyte for 32-bit systems and two gigabytes for 64-bit systems.Other features that are required to run Windows HF for systems are having a CPU core or 1 GHz CPU, in addition to which there should be at least 16 GB of hard disk space for systems. Bits as well as at least 20 GB are required for 64-bit Windows 7 systems.Another thing that is required for systems during the installation of Windows 7 is having VGA graphics that support at least 128GB.

The byte for support is zero.

Windows 7 installation steps

According to the tutorials mentioned in this section, you can easily install Windows 7, but the important point to note is that to install it, you must read the tutorials in full and then go to Carefully install and set it up and do not limit yourself to its photos, because its details are stated in the description.Therefore, to install Windows 7, you must first go to your BIOS section before installing Windows, and then change the boot priority, so that the system will automatically boot with your hard drive.

Now in the next step you have to put the DVD in your system and then continue your system by restarting. After this action, you will see that your system is turning on. When you hear the computer beep, you should press the F8 key on your keyboard regularly and select it.Of course, in some other systems, by selecting the F12 key or selecting the DEL key, these actions can be done, but in any case, by selecting one of these options that is suitable for your system, perform the relevant actions to the end.Keep pressing this key until it shows you the boot menu, and then using the arrow keys located on the computer keyboard, select the DVD option, and then select that option. Select ENTER.

Install Windows 7

The important point of this section is that some people install Windows via flash. In this section, instead of selecting the above option, you should select the USB option so that it can be easily installed from your flash drive. It did Windows anyway.If you now see a window on your page where you see the message that contains this sentence: Press any key to boot from DVD, you must quickly select the ENTER key. Perform the Windows installation process until the next steps.

After these actions, you will see that another page is displayed for you, which on this page asks you to select the language of your choice and its default mode is English, which is finally selected by language. English Continue your actions.Of course, there are other options in this section, which include the Windows language and the location of people, through which you can easily select your country and Windows language, and then select the next option to the next step of installation. Windows will be transferred.Of course, these settings can be done after installing Windows and get them to the next step without manipulating them. In any case, in the next section, you must select the Install Now option, which means installing Windows. And then in this section, you must determine and specify the type of Windows and operating system of your system, so that knowing the type of Windows, you can choose the right options for installing Windows.

Note that there are Enterprise and Ultimate operating systems and many other operating systems, each of which has a spawn of 5 outs, so to install Windows itself you need to know the type of operating system of your system so that you can proceed after Follow the steps to install Windows.The point that helps people in installing Windows in this section is that if your system RAM is less than 4 GB, you should choose 32-bit Windows in these options, which is indicated in the options with x86 It will be given.Now, after selecting the type of Windows, in the next section, you will see a series of information about the rules of using Windows 7, which it is recommended to read before proceeding with the installation of Windows and then install Windows. . Next, you must select and activate the I accept the license terms option, which by activating it means accepting all the rules discussed in this section, and then you must select the next option to go to the next page. Transferred.

In the next part, there are two options, the first option is to update your system Windows and the second option is to delete the old and old Windows and then install the new Windows, which can be according to each of your needs. Choose one of these options. Of course, most of the time the first option is not used and people usually use the second option for their systems, to select the second option, you must select the Custom option.In this part, which is one of the most important parts of Windows installation, you should do this step with great care and vigilance, because if you make a mistake in this step, it is possible to delete all your information from your system. Therefore, after selecting the second option of the next part in this part, you must select the Windows partition. For people who have replaced Windows for the first time on their Windows and their hard drive is brand new, they should create a partition and drive that has at least 40 GB of memory. Then select the size of the next partitions as desired.

The important point is that if this is the first time that you have installed Windows on your system, and if your Windows system is damaged, you have installed a new Windows. In this case, in this section, you must select the Windows partition of your system and then proceed to format it. To format it, you must select the partition and drive you want and click on it to appear in the window and Among the options in it, select the Drivers Option and then select the format option.By selecting the format option, you will see a window to confirm your actions, to confirm which you must select the ok option, and then select the next option to continue the installation process. Note that you can perform this step correctly and without mistakes, and if you make a mistake, it is possible to delete your information from your system.

Install Windows 7

install Windows 7

By performing the relevant actions in the previous section, the main work of your system has now started and it will install your Windows, which may take a long time in this section, and usually depending on the type of installation you have on F6Lash or DVD, its duration There is a change, and during this time when the system is installing Windows, people can take other actions and tasks, because sometimes this time is a little longer.The important point to note in this section is that at this stage the system will automatically start restarting and displaying a black screen like the first step. In this section, you should not select any key on your keyboard, so if you do this. The installation process is the first step and you have to do all the installation steps again.

After completing the next step, the system will display a window asking you to enter a username and password for the system, which you must enter and then select Next. Then in another window you will be asked to enter a password for your system, which must be entered when the system is turned on, and of course this is not mandatory and you can not enter a password for your system. If you wish, select the password in the first part, and enter the password again in the next part, and in the third box, you must enter another password, which if you forget the first password, you can use the second password to Achieved.Finally, after this step, select the Next option, and in the next section, by displaying a window, it will ask people to enter a serial code, which is called a license, which means that Windows people who are on their system. Have purchased the installer. The sales team has applied it to it, and it is like an identification code, and if you have not purchased the Windows file that is being installed and you are using fluffy versions, you should have the Automatically activate windows option. Select when Im Online.

Of course, if there is a rejection, the serial code must be entered in the relevant field, and then after acting in each of these cases, the Next option must be selected, and in the continuation of the steps in the next part, it will ask you if you want to You have to update your Windows, if you want or not, you should choose one of the available options.The next step is to enter the settings of your system history, which can be entered accurately, and of course, if you are connected to the Internet, these settings can be updated automatically. And on the next page, you must select the type of system use that is at home or at work, which is the reason for choosing these options and asking people by the system for the security of your system, depending on the type of system security Determines you. Then after this part, you will see that your Windows has been installed and the Windows 7 installation process has been done in this way, and people can easily install their Windows anywhere by learning this article, without having to Have trouble installing it or do not know how to install it.

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