Install Windows 10

Install Windows 10


Install Windows 10

Install Windows 10 Installing Windows 10 can be done by studying this section and using it you can update your system. Note that this type of Windows was so popular among people and users that It was unique in its kind.

In fact, it must be said that Windows 10 has been one of the best Windows ever available to users, the latest version of which was released in 2015 and was made available to its users. If you pay attention to people’s systems, most people use this type of Windows in their systems. Important things that you should pay attention to when installing and launching Windows 10 are among the prerequisites that if you have these prerequisites, you should install your Windows.

Important things to keep in mind when installing Windows include ram, which should be at least 1 gigabyte for 32-bit systems, and at least 2 gigabytes for 64-bit systems. This is another graphics card that is compatible with and supports Microsoft DirectX 9. Other things that should be mentioned in this section include CPU memory or CPU, which must be at least single-core and 1 GHz, and also the hard disk space must have 16 GB of free space for 32-bit versions. Also, for 64-bit versions, they must have 20 GB of free space.

Learn how to install Windows 10

Install Windows 10 – To teach these steps, how to install this type of Windows is very simple and easy and does not have hard and difficult principles with it, and you only need to pay attention to the points stated in this section, and if you read the tutorial completely Install this Windows.

At the beginning and before starting the installation process of Windows, you should start booting your system, which is in the installation of all the used windows, and before installing the new Windows, you should do this step in the beginning, then go to He went to the next steps of installing Windows.

Therefore, first import your new Windows, which is on flash or CD, enter it into the system through your CD or flash driver, and then restart your system, thereby taking steps to boot the system. Can be used through training.

When restarting your system, you will see the system reboot. At this time, after hearing the sound of the system being turned on, you should immediately select one of the Delete, Esc, F9 and F8 options before booting the system. And taped on them on the keyboard. Note that selecting any of these keys in the keypad screen has different functions in different systems, and one of these options is to boot and to boot and transfer to the boot screen according to your system. Must be selected to take you to the boot screen.The most common option used in most systems in this area and takes you to the BIOS screen is to use the Delete key, and you can start your operation by selecting this key, but it is possible. The other systems of this load key do not work, so try one of the other keys to finally find the key you want.

Install Windows 10

Now on the page that is displayed for you, you have to select the Boot option from the options at the top of the page using the navigation keys on your keyboard, and then continue from the options shown through This tab should select the Boot Device Priority option and then press the Enter key.

In this section, you must select booting via flash or CD. If you have booted via flash, you must select the USB option or the name of your flash drive, or if you need to boot via CD. You have to select the CDROM option, and finally, after selecting each of the options, you have to select the Enter key to continue the steps in the next section.

The point that should be noted in this section is that in some cases it is possible that in the bio environment for selecting to boot via flash, its options are not displayed to people, which in fact means The person must have entered and identified the flash drive before booting before launching via USB so that the system can detect the flash at this time. Therefore, for this action, you must exit the boot space and enter the flash memory into the system, and then perform these actions again and enter this section.

Now, after selecting one of the actions in the previous section, you will see that your system will restart, and then when restarting, you must select one of the keyboard keys or Enter, and then open a window. Shows to you that in this section you will see the Windows Setup that is displayed for you and in it you can select your desired language and its location and also the language of your keyboard.

Install Windows 10

It is better to keep this part to its default state, so in this part, you should select the Next option and click on it, and then in the next part, select the Install Now option to start the Windows installation process.

In the next part, a window will be displayed in which, depending on the type of Windows that you are installing, it will ask you for a code, which this code will be provided to Windows by its creators, and in this part, the type Select your Windows, which can be Windows 10 pro or any of its other examples, and if you have the relevant code, enter it in this field, and if you are one of those people who enter the relevant code You do not have to select the Do it later option and then click on the Next option.

In the next section, you will see the rules and regulations, all of which are provided by Microsoft, and after reading them, you must select the I accept the license terms option and check it to confirm these rules. Select and then select Next to be redirected to another section.

In the next section, you will see two options, Upgrade and Custom. This section and each of the above options depend on the type of installation of Windows, and if people who have installed Windows want to upgrade their Windows, they must The first option, in which case all programs and their information are stored in the system, and if a person has installed a new Windows that does not want to install it through an upgrade, he must choose the second option, which Selecting it will delete all personal information on the system.

Of course, people should pay attention to the time when people can use the first option, for example, Windows 10 on their system first and now decide to update Windows 10, but if on your own system other than Windows You can not use this option other than Windows 10 and you have to choose the second option. Now, according to your needs, select the desired option and if you have selected the second option, in the next part, you should select the desired drive on which the previous Windows system is installed, using F5 RAM. Creating it created enough space to install new windows. Therefore, after selecting your previous Windows drive, select the format option, and then select the Next option after completing the above steps. Of course, the point that should be mentioned in this section is that after selecting the desired drive In the previous Windows, all the information in it will be deleted, so carefully select the desired drive, and if you make the wrong choice, you can delete your data.

Install Windows 10

Another point that can be mentioned is that there is no compulsion to format the drive, and we only try to format it because it created the necessary and sufficient space to install the new Windows, and according to This file may not be formatted, but make sure it has enough space to install the new Windows. After performing the previous step, now in this part, the installation of Windows on the Shamka system takes place, which may take a long time to install, and in this step, the system restarts several times, and note that in this step, none of the Do selects the page keys and it is possible to clear all the steps by selecting any of the keys and try to do these steps again.

Finally, after installing Windows, which usually takes 20 minutes, the Express Settings screen will be displayed for you, and you will be faced with it, which is for personalizing your system. In this section, you will need to make other custom settings. Enter in the relevant sections, which is to keep this section by default, and if you wish, changes can be made in it.

At the bottom of the page, there is a Use Express Settings option, by selecting which you can enter the password that you have already created in Microsoft, and if you do not have it, you can create this password and enter them in this section. And then select Next. On the next page, by selecting the first option, you can synchronize all your settings, and with this device, you do not need to install them, and finally select the Next option, after selecting the installation steps of Windows 10 for a few minutes. It will take time to wait.

Eventually, after loading, you will see that during this time, your screen will change to different colors, so that at the end, the main screen of Windows 10 will be displayed for you, and all its different options can be seen. With the components of all the steps mentioned in this section, you will see that you have installed Windows 10 on your system, you can easily use all the possibilities that it provides to its users.

The process of installing Windows is very easy and it does not have any difficult and complicated steps, and people can easily install Windows with the tutorials that we have provided for them in this article. In the meantime, the installation of Windows that was taught is the most up-to-date and one of the most popular windows in the bin of users and individuals, and they can easily use it to perform their actions on their systems. Our educational goal in this article is to provide all the tips of the installation steps, and people must go through each step correctly when installing Windows, and if they make a mistake, they can create an incomplete installation for themselves or even cause a clean Get used to system information.

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