Install Linux system

Install Linux system


Install Linux system

Install Linux system, which in the past the installation process was very complicated and difficult, and people in order to be able to use Linux and its operating system on their systems had to go through these complex processes to install it, and if in the middle The steps and problems in each of its parts had to be re-installed.

Therefore, due to this issue, the process of installing the Linux operating system gradually became easier, and it can be easily installed by placing its CDs on your system.And of course, due to the amount of space and small volume of CDs, after that, these operating systems were presented on DVDs, and people could use them to install the Linux operating system on their systems, and Of course, this is also possible today with the use of arrows.

Install Linux system

The remarkable thing about Linux operating systems is that given that many people who install the Linux operating system, and given that this is their first time, so it is quite obvious. This group of people are not familiar with this type of operating system.Therefore, these companies have used the installation process and steps are very simple and the settings that were used during the installation are very few so that the user is not confused during the installation and can easily install it on their system. And other changes after installation, people and users can apply on it.

One of the main reasons why people try to install Linux operating systems next to their windows is that many people are tired of the Windows space, and thus by installing This type of operating system uses a diverse and different environment.Of course, other reasons for installing this operating system include; Increasing the speed of the system to a great extent and also another reason that it minimizes many of the damages caused by malware entering the system.

Install Linux system

Learn the steps to install a Linux system

install Linux system – In this part of the article, how to install and how to install the Linux operating system is discussed, but before we teach these steps, we must point out the important features, cases and facilities that the systems have, and Then we will start the installation steps.

The most important thing to consider before installing this type of operating system is to connect and charge the lipsticks, you must make sure that your lipstick is connected to a power source.Also, another thing that should be introduced in this section is that it is better for people to keep their internet system turned on and actually connect their system to the internet.Another feature that is required to install the Linux operating system on the systems is to have the appropriate memory of the system, which in order to be able to fully install the Linux operating system on your system, you need at least 25 GIA There should be free space.

And in order to be able to install the Minimal version of the Linux operating system, there must be at least 5 GB of memory and free space, and then proceed to the installation steps.Prepare a flash drive, CD or DVD on which there is a Linux operating system and you can use it to install the Linux operating system on your system.

Then, before performing the installation process, first make a copy of all your system information or a backup of them so that if you try to install the Linux operating system and there is a problem between the system steps, your data can be And do not suddenly lose your information.

However, the installation process of your operating system has started after you have made sure of all the items mentioned above, note that the installation process is very simple and easy and does not require any special action And everyone can easily install this type of operating system.

Install Linux system

Now, in the first step, put the CD or flash drive or any other case where the Linux operating system is on your device and system in the DVD driver section or using USB for your flash drive. Then you have to restart your system.The point that should be mentioned in this section and people should pay attention to it is for the time when people after connecting their flash to the system or connecting the DVD to the system and through this They want to install the Linux operating system.

At this time, they see that the system does not display flash or DVDs and can not continue the installation process.So at this time it is better to select the f12 keys or the Delete key located on the keyboard and press them to display the boot settings for people.

After the boot settings menu is displayed, in this section, you must select the desired option from the Boot Menu section and then continue the installation process.If the boot menu is still not displayed to people using the said keys, they should do so using other keys that are different in other systems to finally display the said menu to them. Now, after the system is booted, it will show you a page where people have to select their preferred language, which they can do in a list on the left side of the page. And of course, the preferred language is English.

After selecting the desired language, in the next step, users must select the install Ubuntu option to run the steps of installing the Linux operating system for people.Before selecting the above option to install, note that there is another option on this page, including Try Ubuntu.For people who want to get acquainted with this environment, it is recommended to select this option, and if they like it in the environment, they can install this type of operating system from this section.

Install Linux system

After selecting the Install Ubuntu option, people will be directly referred to the installation stage and by selecting them, you will be transferred to another page. In this section, two options are displayed for people and users. These options include installing the Minimal version and the next option is to install the Normal version.Therefore, to select any of the mentioned versions, people must install the desired operating system according to the system conditions and their lips.

Because in Normal versions, there is a need for the space mentioned above, and when this option is selected, there are no restrictions for people to install programs and software.But if the Minimal version is selected, which is no different from the Normal version, it is only suitable for people whose system has less memory and free space, and by installing this type of operating system, the software that You need to install and you can not install other software. Finally, after selecting each of the above, you will be transferred to another page, which also shows two options for people, which include Download updates and Install third-party software.

The first option of this section is to download updates and updates during installation, which if we select it, will update the software during the installation of this operating system, and of course, it recommends Select this option.The second option is to download other programs and application software that you need to note that in other operating systems, most of the software that you try to install on your system Must be purchased.

Install Linux system

Install Linux system

If in this section and using the Linux operating system, there are no restrictions and payment, and in any case, you must select one of these two options and then select the Continue option. In the next part, it displays a page for the user, which is to say that it is the most important part of this part and the installation process, and it is of great importance.

Because in this section, you must specify the installation location of the operating system, and of course, in this section, you must select the Linux operating system as the main operating system, or along with other operating systems that are also installed on your system. They can be installed and activated, for which this action can be done using the Something else option. If you select Erase disk and install ubuntu on this page, which is the opposite of the previous option, selecting it will erase all the information on the hard disk, and all previous drives and drives will be deleted. New Linux defaults are generated.

In any case, according to your limitations, select one of these options in this section, and then you must select the Install now option to continue the installation process.

In the next section and page, it displays a window for people and users, in which you can return to the previous page if you regret the actions taken in the previous section, and there make the necessary changes to Exist and if you are sure of your choice, in this section, you must select the Continue option.

Install Linux system

Next, in the next section, you must select the name of your country and if the system is connected to the system, it will automatically detect the location of people and register it for people in the system.If the system is not connected to the Internet, people must manually select the name of their desired country, as well as their language and keyboard in this section, and then select Continue after selecting in this section.In the continuation of the process of installing the Linux operating system in this section, it asks people for their information and user account, which they should try to create an account in this section.

In the first box in this section, you must first enter your name, and then your system, by default, will offer a computer name for people, as well as a name for their username… If you like the names provided by the system, you can choose the same ones, otherwise, you can change the suggested names and choose other names for these items.In the next box, you should choose a strong password for your system, but people should note that they should choose their password in such a way that they do not forget it.

Install Linux system– And in the last part of this page, people can determine for themselves how little they log in and actually determine that each time they log in, they must enter the password and then log in. Or specify that they log in directly by turning on their system and do not need a password. Then, after completing all the sections mentioned in this step, you must select the Continue option to start the installation of the operating system for you. In fact, when the Linux welcome message is displayed, the installation process begins.

The length of time the installation process for the Linux operating system takes varies depending on the laptop or computer, and on systems with more powerful processors, the installation process is faster. Information about the Linux operating system is displayed to individuals and users during the installation process. In fact, this information and its display are for more information and more tutorials that are placed in this section. Finally, after you have completed all the steps of installing the operating system, and after the installation time has passed, a window will be displayed for people, in which you must select the Restart Now option, and then immediately flash or DV. Remove your D Linux operating system from your system.

Install Linux system – According to the above steps, people can easily install Linux software and operating system without any special and complex problems. And if they do all the steps mentioned in this section correctly during installation, no problem will occur for them when the system comes up, and in fact, the system is turned on and provided to them without the slightest problem.

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