Install CMD applications

Install CMD applications


Install CMD applications

Install CMD applications – Installing CMD programs is one of the methods that can be used by people to easily and quickly install their software on Windows operating systems.

In fact, people install software and programs when in their Windows environment and on their systems. In this process and path, various steps must be taken step by step to finally install the relevant software on their system after a long time.

Of course, in the meantime, users and individuals, in addition to going through this long journey, must first spend a lot of time first and before that to find their respective software, and then after finding the desired software, they must now , To ensure that the relevant software is up to date, according to these features, then they must download it and finally install it on their system.

Considering the cases mentioned in this section, we find that the process of installing software on systems takes a long time, along with other associated problems for individuals and users.

Therefore, according to this case, in this section, we have introduced the fastest possible way to install a software that can be installed in a CMD environment that uses the Command Prompt. We make our favorite software without spending much time.

Of course, it should also be noted that after installing the relevant software and following the other path mentioned, after that, other measures must be taken, such as software settings and their registration, as well as updating. Software should be done that these cases and difficulties have caused people to delay in installing new software and are reluctant to install new software.

Install CMD programs using Command Prompt and Chocolatey

First of all, before we mention installing our software in systems, it should be said that installing software in CMD environment is not done only using Command Prompt. In this section, it should be said that with the help of installers of Windows programs and software, these relevant actions can also be done. In this article, one of the easiest and best software related to installing programs is discussed, including Chocolatey, which you will learn how to use in the following.

Install software on Windows using Command Prompt

In order for people to easily install their software in their Windows environment, according to the reasons that exist in the above section for installing software, it is possible to install them in this way, so first after entering Use the Command Prompt section in your Windows as an admin.

Now in this section, you must enter the following instructions to continue.

-NoProfile -InputFormat None -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex

&& SET "PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin"

Now, after entering the above code command in this field, then you have to press the Enter key, which is located on the keyboard, in this field. Now you see that in a few seconds, the Chocolatey program will run and install for you.In the next step, you must close the command prompt environment and window and then open it again so that you can see the list of commands in this section using the? / Choco command code.

Install CMD applications

Now to use it and install as well as download the software, you must first make sure that the Internet is connected to your system, and then press the Win key on your keyboard with the R key to use this trick. The Command Prompt window should be displayed directly, but using this trick and displaying the Command Prompt window is also called the Run window.Now in this window you have to enter your cmd command and after you enter the desired command, press the enter key on the keyboard to perform the relevant actions.

The command code mentioned in this section includes @powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command “iex ((new-object net.webclient) .DownloadString (‘’))” && SETPATH =% PATH%;% systemdrive% \ chocolatey \ bin, by entering and confirming it, wait a short time for Chocolatey NuGet software to be downloaded from the Internet.

After the relevant software is downloaded, without sending a message to the person or the person taking any special action, the relevant software is installed on the system completely intelligently and automatically.Now, after you have installed the above software, you can install your other software on this system by using this software by searching for names in the search tab.

Chocolatey database now has more than 1500 free software that are very important and users can use it to download a lot of software in their Windows environment and then download them without any Amy did what he did.Of course, the point for the software in the Chocolatey database is that all the software in this database has been updated to the latest available versions, and people using these methods are no longer They spend their time finding the software they want, not the time to install it.

One of the important things to note in this section is that Chocolatey NuGet itself supports all types of Windows versions, and to install it on the system, you need NET Framework 4 or higher, of course, PowerShell 2.0 La is also required and you should have them in your windows.

Another point that can be used in this section is that people can remove Chocolatey NuGet from their system and delete it if they wish. The removal method is also very simple and it is enough to remove the Chocolatey which is in drive c.But then to use this software and ways to find other software using this software can be done in such a way that you have to search for other software using Chocolatey software The choco search application command code must be placed in the search tab. Of course, note that instead of the phrase application, you must enter the name of the software you want to install on the system.But to install the above software, you must enter the command code cinst application, which you do not pay attention to, instead of the phrase application, you must enter the name of the relevant software quite accurately.

The next command code that we introduce in this section is to update the software that you have already installed in your Windows environment. Now you want to update it, for this action you have to enter the command code of the cup application, which in this section, as in the previous cases, you have to enter the name of the relevant software instead of the phrase application.And of course, to update all the software available in Windows, you can also do this using the cup all command code. In this way, people can easily update all their software. .

An example that is used in this section to make it transparent is to use any of the above methods to download Firefox software, which in this section by using the command code choco search firefox people can Install it without any other action.Of course, after entering the above command code in the window leading to it, you will see that other features such as types of plugins and software related to Firefox are displayed to people in a list And in this section you can select any of the ones you want to install and install them.

Introducing the Chocolatey program

The package management program should be introduced as a program that uses a set of processes and actions to complete all the steps related to installing the software as well as updating them. Is in charge and takes these actions.The program achieves its efficiency in such a way that by using and having a place of information that includes software binaries as well as configuration files along with metadata.

To introduce metadata, it should be said that it contains information that is for the programs and has them. This information, including the name and specifications of the program, along with its initial number and a list in which there is a lot of information.

Of course, in this section, it should be said that there are many programs in Windows and they can be used to manage their software.But the reason we have introduced this software in this section is that none of the other software has the simplicity of this software and Chocolatey, and people can easily use Chocolatey and also use only a few Installed the command code and even updated it.

Chocolatey software installation is also very simple and the only things you need to install it are Windows 7 and later, which must have NET feamework 4 of their operating system and also have free space for Chocolatey CLI And have free space to install other software.Therefore, people can easily install the program with cmd using the measures stated in this section and use them easily.

Install CMD applications

So note that first we used the cmd environment to install Chocolatey software in our operating system. Then, using the grammar codes mentioned in this article and how to use each of these codes were taught. Now you can easily download all the other software that can be installed on your system.

And then install them on your systems without any other action, or when the software is available on the systems, you can use these actions to update your software without Spend your time searching and finding new versions of relevant software.

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