Install a network card

Install a network card


Install a network card

Install a network card, and setting it up is one of the important things that users should be familiar with so that if necessary by installing network cards on their systems and using the functionality and capabilities available in this part. Hardware can be used to improve the performance of your system.

Due to the fact that network cards have different types, so installing each of them has its own method, and to install each of them, you must proceed through the way that exists for the desired card. Install it.But in general, the process of installing hardware components is similar to each other. In this section, we have selected the installation of one type of network card by default, through which other network cards can be installed, and that Launched on your system.

Install network card hardware on the computer

Install a network card – Due to the fact that the network card can be installed on the systems in both software and hardware, so in this section we will explain the hardware installation and in it all the different parts for installing the card hardware. We will describe the existing network during the installation process.

Shut down the computer completely

Install a network card – Therefore, in order to install any type of hardware, it is first necessary to unplug your system before starting work and by turning it off, install the desired network card.Because if the computer is turned on, there is a possibility of damage to the system, and by turning it off, you can prevent this type of possible damage and install the desired network card.Therefore, it should be said that if the computer is turned on and you try to install any part on your system, it will cause a lot of irreparable damage, so it is better to turn off your system first and then install it. Put all the required parts on your computer case.

Install a network card

Open the computer case

The next part of the steps to install this piece of hardware also includes opening the computer case, which depending on the type of computer and the type of case, how to open them are different and it is correct. Open them to prevent damage to the computer case.Because some computers and their cases, the way of opening the case door is different with different types of it, and it is not possible to open all the cases in the same way, because in some cases, by pulling the clamp, The outside of the case door will open.And in some cases, the presence of screws on the case causes the lid of the case to get stuck, which must be opened and then opened.

Find the location of the network card

In the next step, after opening the computer case, you should identify the location of the network card, which is also located on the back of the case. In this way, by finding a vacancy, you can easily install the desired network card in this part.On computer cases, there are a variety of places for placing hardware components, called PCI-E slots, which are typically located vertically along the metal plate behind the case and can be Found in this section.

Detach the metal plate from the case

The next point is to separate the metal plate from the computer case, note that before you connect your network card, you must open a space for it.For some computer cases, there is a detachable metal plate on the back of the case that can be easily unscrewed to open the space required for the network card.

Align the network card with its location

Install a network card – Then you have to make sure that the network card is flush with the place for which it is installed on the computer case or not, that by holding it, it can be easily compared with the place and place of the network card and He made sure of its level.

Install a network card

Insert the network card into the slot

Then, after making sure that the network card is flush with its location, you should place the network card on its slot and press it so that it is in its slot, then make sure that it is stationary and shaken. Find.

Secure the location of the network card on its slot and close the case lid

Now, after inserting the network card, put the screws available to insert the card into the case and tighten it, and then close the computer case door, then turn on your computer, but in these steps, note that the antenna You must also install the network card.This means that you have to remove the yellow plastic caps on the front of the network cards and then connect the wireless antennas to the screw parts displayed.

Install network card software on PC

Note that to install a network card on your computer, you do not only need to install its hardware and software, but also to install its drivers on your computer in addition to installing its software.But there is also the point that when you install operating systems on your computers, usually network card drivers are also installed on people’s systems.

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