Understanding contrast in photography

Image contrast


Image contrast

Image contrast adjustment is one of the methods and actions through which you can brighten your dark images and restore its charm in your image, and this and the resulting methods, including features Is an important feature of Photoshop software that is used especially in imaging studios.

Many people are faced with images that when they take pictures and after viewing their photos, they notice that the amount of light is low, so that the amount of brightness of the image or in other words, its contrast is not desirable, and in this way can be He said that the relevant image is not of good quality and parts of it are dark. For such cases that you are facing, the user can easily use Photoshop software and the capabilities and tools that are in it, the desired quality. To a very suitable extent and make the image better than before so that the attractiveness of the image is also visible.

The content provided in this section for you friends will acquaint you with the features that are available in the Photoshop contrast option, in which one of the small and important points that exist and only by using this section can be this He benefited from the tips and was informed about them.So if you do not follow these tips and tricks that are introduced in this section, it is possible that it will change the details of your photo and as a result, the image will be affected, which will cause the photos to not It becomes so beautiful while not attractive.

Image contrast

Thus, when the user decides to change the contrast value of his image, or more simply when he decides to change the brightness of his image, and this brightness in the image, which can be reduced or increased There are many options and tools for doing this in Photoshop, through which this method can be done, and they are also mentioned in this section.Photoshop software is one of the most important and useful software that each of the features in it has several tools and methods that allow the user to try each of them and If you wish, select one of these features and the resulting method.

Each of the desired features also has levels so that simple methods for novice users as well as very professional methods are provided for professionals, so the image contrast feature is also given that It has different tools that can be used. It has two basic and professional methods that the user can use these methods and any of them and are introduced in this section.

Learn image contrast settings and photo brightness

image contrast  – To edit your images to any kind of editing that you are going to do, the user must pay attention to make the desired settings in such a way that no irreversible editing is used for your photo and such changes Do not do this, but you should make your edits in such a way that you can also hold the original image and, if necessary, delete the changes and apply other edits on it.

Therefore, according to this issue, in the way that is introduced in this section, and it is one of the methods that is completely professional and is also placed for professional users, through it, it makes the settings of controlling the brightness of your image. Put through an adjustment layer for the image.

This means that you can easily edit the relevant settings and restore them and set the brightness of the image as it was, so to change the brightness of your image, first run the Photoshop software and by placing Your image in this software, follow the steps with us.

Image contrast

Image contrast settings using the brightness / contrast option

image contrast  – As mentioned above, the feature included in the brightness / contrast option is one of the features that can be used in other tools in this software, but this option is for professional users. Through which they can achieve their satisfactory changes on the image.

So to use it, after you run your image in Photoshop software, you should now refer to the histogram panel in Photoshop, which is placed between the two panels Info and navigator, and how To access it, you have to go to the main menu in Photoshop and select the window option.In the desired list, you must select the histogram palette option, then in the window that is now open for you, in this section, you must click on the icon that is placed at the top right of the window so that it can be Select the expanded View option on your image to see better details.

In the following steps, you must select the channel option in this section, and then another option that the user must select in this section is the RGB option. Up to this point, all of the above should be selected so that you can view the details of your image, which includes its contrast details, in the desired window and make the necessary changes.

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