Illustration training

Illustration training


Illustration training

Illustration training is one of the materials that can be used to easily create very beautiful creative images, and through this, a very complex text can be conveyed to the audience with a simple image and aware of its meaning. .

Imaging is used in many applications, which can be mentioned in the creation and creation of completely mental characters, which is also used in the use of animations, as well as in advertising and interior decoration. It is also used to introduce only a handful of imaging applications.

Note that illustration means that an illustrator creates and creates an image that has created the desired image, while the designer works on a product and a mental idea. And it can be said that today illustration has become a kind of painting or work of art that explains and explains as the expression of a text that has already been written the desired text in clarifying the subject in its illustration Expresses to the audience and it is also used for literary or commercial natures.

Therefore, in order to be able to do illustration in Photoshop and create different designs, you can easily learn the illustration methods properly and use it to earn money by using the included tutorials. Create many creative characters.

Illustration training

Learn illustration in Photoshop and how to use it

Illustration training – To start your illustrations in Photoshop software, first create a new document or space by running this software, which can be used to create a new document using many methods, and through each of these methods. This can be done by using the control keys and the N keys at the same time. Of course, if you run Photoshop software, on the first page that is displayed to you, you will also see this page. By selecting the New option, you can select a new document and create it immediately.

Illustration training

By selecting a new document, there are settings in its window that can be applied to your document by selecting any of these settings. In this section, it is recommended to select your document size A4 to the size of a sheet. It is paper and there is also a drop-down option that includes a preset, and by selecting it, you will see that in the menu that appears, you must select the international pager option, then select the ok option, so that your document To be created and to be able to continue the steps.

Now in a document that is like a white sheet for you in which there is no design, you should go to the tool menu in Photoshop and select the Paint bucket tool from this section, and then using this tool a Create a colored background on your page.

Illustration training – Next, go to the Layers panel and create a new layer. There are different types of how to create a new layer, and you can create your new layer by selecting the new layer icon. Now for the created layer, a darker color can be considered for the desired layer and its background.

In the following steps of your illustration to create different designs, you should refer to the Photoshop tool panel or select a suitable brush and brush through which you can easily draw your designs, and after selecting Using the tool, you can select the most appropriate type of brush by clicking on the Photoshop screen in the displayed window.

Now start designing and creating your own different designs on the page. Note that creating different designs and different shapes can each be created separately in a layer. In fact By creating and creating different designs in each layer, it causes you to design and paint them as long as you want, by selecting its layer, the above steps can be done more easily.

Illustration training

So draw some custom and simple designs in your document. Try to draw your drawn images, each of which is in a layer, so that it does not have complexity and difficulty so that it can be easily continued. Get enough pay and mastery in this area, then choose complex designs.

Finally, after performing the above steps and after designing your selected designs, pay attention to the continuation of the steps to paint it, because this part, after the initial design of the design, can be considered as one of the important parts of this section. So be with us with enough attention.

The second step is to paint the drawn drawing in the illustration tutorial

Illustration training – To color your design, first select the layer of each design. If the number of designs in the image is more than one design and you have designed each of them in one layer, in this step, you must select The design layer selects the appropriate size for your image using the control keys and T keys, and to color it, first create a new layer in the same way as in the sections above. In this way, you can both correct the design and start painting it.

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