How work with winrar

How work with winrar


How to work with WinRAR

How to work with WinRAR, which is one of the most important and useful software. After launching your computer systems and installing Windows on your system, you should first install this very useful software and then get acquainted with how to work with it.Of course, due to the fact that this software is one of the most popular and popular software among users, there are few people who are not familiar with the process of this software and have not worked with it.In fact, to define WinRAR software, we can say that almost all software provided for Windows by their developers are compressed. After downloading their favorite software and intending to install it on their system, people should first use other third-party software such as WinRAR to decompress the software To be.So to use this software on the system, first download it and then install it to get acquainted with how to work with this software.

How to work with WinRAR to create and create zip files

So after you install this software on your system, first you can use it to compress and extract all your files, and of course, through it, you can use the software that you have downloaded and so on. All the files that you have on your system, but these files are compressed, you can use this software.To compress a file in the system, you can also easily do this using this software. Note that people compress some of their files for any reason in their system.

The main reason for using this method for your files in the system is to send the relevant file, which by compressing it reduces the file size and through this, you can send your file more quickly.In order to be able to compress a file in your system using this software, you must right-click on the desired folder and then in the window that is displayed to people, among the options available in this window, the software icon WinRAR can be viewed.By holding your mouse on this icon in the next part of the menu, you will see four options that are related to this icon and this software. Options in this section include: Add To Archive, Add To Name Folder.rar, Compress And Email, Compress To Name Folder.rar, And Email.To express and explain each of these options, as well as to use each of them, we have included the following tutorials.

In this part, it should be said that the first option includes manual compression by the person himself, with the possibility of adding some items to the compressed file, and after selecting this option, a window will be displayed for you. There are different options with different functions that to get acquainted with these options, we will only introduce the most practical options available in this section.In this window, you can select the name of your compressed file and also the path to save the desired file using the General tab, in which you must select the Archive Name section and then specify the items mentioned in this section. Next, in the Archive Format section, you can specify to save your compressed file in RAR or ZIP. The point that can be said in this section for the difference between using RAR and ZIP is that it is better to use RAR to compose your compressed files because using it creates more compressed files.

How work with winrar

How to work with WinRAR

One of the important features in this section for creating and creating zip files is the use of security. In fact, by using this feature, you provide and increase the security required when creating your files. To use it, you can select the Set password option that is displayed at the bottom right of this window. Then, after selecting the above option, another window will be displayed for people. In this section, you must enter your password in the section related to entering the password, and then repeat the entered password in the next box. In this way, for its compressed files, its security can be increased. Then, after selecting the password, select the Ok option to record the related operations in this section.

In this section, you can use the Compression Method section to compress your files as much as possible, which is located on the left side of the page and at the bottom, and by selecting it, the Best option should be displayed in the menu. Has been selected. Another important part in this section is Split To Volume, which by selecting it, which is used for RAR files, can be used for files that are very large in size, and through this file can be divided into several sections.

How to work with WinRAR – But the second option in this section involves creating a compressed file called RAR that quickly creates the file name you want. Another option in this section is the third option of this menu, which also includes compressing people’s files, as well as sending the compressed file using email. But in this menu, the last option also includes creating and creating a zip file called the desired file, which will quickly create this zip file after selecting this option, and in addition, after Creating this zip file will send it via email. Therefore, in this section, according to the available options, people can easily create and create their own compressed file according to their type of function, using any of the displayed options, and through this directly They can also send it via email.

How to work with WinRAR to extract a zip file

In the next part, which is one of the main parts of this part for people, and in fact, one of the main reasons that caused people and users to install this software on their computer systems, using this feature and The capability of this software is to use it to extract the compressed files in your system from their compression. In fact, many users who use computers to a much greater extent are familiar with the fact that when downloading software and various files from different sites in the first place with a file that is compressed They are facing, so first they have to remove the desired file from this state so that they can then make the necessary changes and use the desired file.

How work with winrar

How to extract compressed files from their compressed state is also in this way that first it should be said that you can extract your compressed files on the system from this state in two ways, and in this part in both ways Has been paid and according to each of the mentioned methods, people can use it and extract zip files.In the first method, which is stated in this section, using this method, which must first be placed on the file of your choice in any part of the computer and Windows of the people, it must first be placed on the file that is compressed and the file Whether the comment is Zip or RAR, in any case, select the Extract to Name File option by right-clicking on the desired file on the page displayed.

Next, you must select the file name you want. Then, after this action, you will see that the desired file is displayed next to its original zipped file in the form of a folder, and you can open the desired file by opening it. There is another method in this section and you can use it to get the file you want to be compressed out of it. You can do this by right-clicking on the file and selecting the open option. Then you have to select all the files that are in it and copy them, which can be done through the shortcut keys Ctrl + c on the keyboard, and then in Where we want to copy them, we paste, which can also be pasted using the shortcut keys Ctrl + v.

How to work with WinRAR

The important point that can be mentioned in this section is that; Many people encounter errors when using these methods and extracting their compressed files, which in turn can not extract the desired file. To solve this problem, first, make sure that the file that you have downloaded in your system and you want to unzip has been downloaded correctly or the download is not incomplete.If after you have made sure that the download of the file you are looking for has been without any problems and the download has been done completely, the error observed when extracting the file from compression due to using the older version of WinRAR is.

In fact, in simpler terms, if you are using older versions of WinRAR, then when extracting zip files, a message will appear stating that your password is incorrect or your file is corrupt In this case, you must immediately update the WinRAR software on your system so that you can use it for your actions. One of the important points that should be mentioned in this section is that in some cases when people use the above methods to create and create a compressed file and after opening They encounter problems and see that using the above options can not open the relevant file and encounter error messages. In these cases, using a trick, people can access the contents of the file by opening the file and then opening it in the tabs at the top of the window, which includes different options with different functions. In this section, they should select the last tab, which includes Repair, in which case you will see that you have easily accessed other information in the file you want.

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