Hidden games on Mac

Hidden games on Mac


Hidden games on Mac

Hidden games on Mac are among the most important tricks that can be used to find all the games hidden in the Mac operating system and use them to enjoy.In general, the Mac operating system is one of the most popular operating systems among other operating systems around the world, and many users like it and it can be considered as one of the main competitors of Windows.

The operating system, developed by Apple, runs on your MacBook laptops, whose hardware is also made by Apple.There are various types of games in Mac OS that are hidden in this operating system and to access them, you must use the trick that is described.

Hidden games on Mac

Therefore, in order to be aware of and use these exciting games, you can find them and use them from the section that is introduced below.Note, however, that access to these games, which are hidden in the Mac operating system, can be used and accessed in two ways.

In fact, users can use these two methods to find games that are not found in their operating system and then try to use them. Now in this section, there is only one way to find hidden games. In Mac OS.

Learn how to access and find hidden games on your Mac

On the Mac operating system, which is one of the most popular operating systems among people, there are games that its users are usually unaware of and do not know about their existence.For this reason, finding and discovering these games is one of the most interesting and interesting hobbies for many of its users, especially users who use this operating system professionally.

The trick that is taught to users in this section, and by which people can access other hidden games that exist in the Mac operating system, is one of the methods that professional users can use. To use.Of course, this does not mean that only professionals can use this method, but it is one of the very simple and easy methods that all users can use and is one of the methods of professional users that It is taught to everyone.This method, which can be done using the terminal tool and is accessible to hidden games hidden in the Mac operating system, is one of the methods that is very similar to the command prompt command line in the Windows operating system.

Hidden games on Mac

A noteworthy point in the terminal tool is its appearance like the command line in Windows, which has made users and people think that using this part is one of the most difficult and complex methods.Therefore, they avoid using this part, which should be said that this part is also very simple and convenient, and only because of its appearance in which there are no visual effects, and the user interface is the same as the command line user interface. The idea has come to users.

Now to find your hidden games, first go to the applications folder in the Finder section of your operating system, and in this section you should go to the utilitates folder and select it.And in the following steps, you must run the terminal software so that the desired software can be run.

Next, users must execute the emacs command, and it must actually enter it in the terminal software, and then tap the Enter key on the user’s keyboard and press it to make a text editor. emacs to be executable for users and to be able to continue the route using it.

Now, after the text editor is executable for users, you have to select another key from the keyboard, which includes Esc, and press it, and at the same time, select the X key from your keyboard, and Press it too to use these two keys to perform the important action that causes them.

After performing the above process, you will see a text page at the end of your terminal where you have to enter your commands along with the names of the games that are hidden so that in this section all the games can be Found hidden.There are various games in this section that are hidden games on Mac and can be introduced as examples, including Tetris, pong, snake and many other games, for example, through Enter the game In this section, you can enter the name of the game and then select the Enter key.

And in this way, the desired game can be run for you. In this game, you can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard for different directions of the game.snake is the same snake game in the old simple Nokia mobile phones that is also in this section and you can use it to run your game.

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