Header design in Photoshop

Header design in Photoshop


Header design in Photoshop

Header design in Photoshop is one of the most important and widely used advertising tools among other administrative organizations to establish their official interactions and correspondence, and it is widely used for designers who use software. Photoshop designing letterheads has become one of the most important things through which they seek professional designs and inventions of very diverse and attractive letterheads.

To introduce the letterheads, it can be said that the letterheads are as advertising papers, which are called letterheads, which are designed in A4 and A5 sizes. However, in some of them, they are designed in different types, and these types of letterheads It is also designed in smaller sizes. Depending on the needs of the user and the organization, they can be designed in different sizes and through it can be used to write administrative and official letters of any organization. It can be said that it is one of the main administrative elements of a company and an organization that can be easily used to communicate.

One of the important features that exist in the headers is placing the logo of an organization or company to introduce the identity of companies, which is better to place it in the appropriate part of your header. Therefore, according to the brief introduction of the headers. There are many uses for them to teach how to design and use it in organizations. Through the training that we have put for you in this section, you can try to design it according to different shapes and examples. It did so and used it as a source of income.

Learn how to design a header in Photoshop

Header design in Photoshop – Considering that letterheads are one of the tools of administrative correspondence through which it is used for many applications, especially in the field of advertising, so it should be designed in a series of very appropriate actions that have positive points. Put the display in the company or organization in it so that you can differentiate it from your competitors by placing these points on the desired tab.

Because creating this distinction will attract and retain your contacts and different software will be used to design the headers, but the most popular software used for this type of design includes software. Photoshop and corel draw. It is possible to easily design the most professional headers through them and using the tutorials in them. We have introduced letterhead design training methods.

Header design in Photoshop

Note that headers usually have two sections, the top of which is placed in the paper contains the header and the bottom of the paper also contains the footer, and where to put your information and your organization in the header is where It depends on the taste of the user and the designer in which part to put it.

However, the name of the organization as well as its brand and logo are usually placed at the top of the letterhead, and other information related to that organization, such as the address and place of work of the office, along with the contact number, fax number, email address or other items. Which is placed at the bottom of the headers. Therefore, for this training and design of the headers, we also put the logo and brand of the organization at the top of our header, and at the bottom of it, it is said that It includes the address and other information of the organization, in addition to which we have used a very beautiful design.

Before teaching how to design letterheads, you should follow a series of tips and principles in designing and design according to these tips, so the following tips are one of the principles that It is also necessary to pay attention to them.

Header design in Photoshop

The first thing you need to pay attention to, and you need to pay attention to the design of the letterhead, is to first determine what kind of system you are going to do with to print your letterhead. Existing printing, including printing systems, including offset printing, must be determined before starting work. For offset printing, before starting work, you must select the color mode and color style in Put it on CMYK.

Another thing to note is that to print the headers, if you want to design a letterhead in A4 size, you have to set the actual dimensions, which means that for this type of printing, the dimensions must be set to 21 in. He placed 29.7 cm.

Header design in Photoshop

Other points to note that include the resolution in the letterhead design, and it is better to set the resolution to 300 pixels per inch so that you do not experience a drop in quality when printing. In general, it is suitable for designing tracts, brochures, catalogs and letterheads, because if you want to design and print all of the above, you have to set the resolution to 300 pixels per inch to get the right quality in It is achieved.

The first step in designing a header: creating a document

Header design in Photoshop – Now, to design your header, after running Photoshop software by selecting the control keys and N, you must create a new document in which you must select the size you need to design the document.

You can use A4 or A5 sizes and this type of size

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