Graphics card memory

Graphics card memory


Graphics card memory

Graphics card memory is another part that due to the great importance of graphics cards on computers and laptops, you should specify the amount of memory along with the type of graphics card.Because graphics cards have the greatest impact on the performance of people’s systems, and given that graphics cards themselves are responsible for the heavy part of system functions and do them well, so we can say that the role The main thing in the system of people is responsible for graphics cards.

It can also be pointed out that many users specify the type of graphics card on their system in order to run heavy and quality games or even perform computational tasks that require heavy graphics processing. And thereby, if necessary, upgrade their graphics card according to its type.If you are aware, graphics cards, due to their importance in any system, a number of them are installed directly on the motherboard, and a number of them are installed as a separate card on the motherboard.

Therefore, it can be said that their graphics cards are divided into two groups, which in the first group can not be changed and are usually installed by default on computers and laptops, and the second group is also one of the cards. They can be installed on your computer.

Now, in the next section, we have introduced the methods of specifying the model and memory of the graphics card, so that according to the methods expressed on your system, you can find the specifications of your graphics card, so that if you wish, you can use the graphics card. Change yourself so stay tuned for the rest of the article.

Graphics card memory

How computer graphics card memory is determined

Graphics cards in computers and laptops or other servers are usually tasked with processing images and displaying them on the screen for users. Due to this, their graphics cards have a part They are called chips and come with a cooling system called a fan, which is responsible for cooling the graphics card, and if I break down, you should repair the fan so that you do not lose your graphics card. The type of graphics card also varies from system to system.

Therefore, the amount of memory in graphics cards has played a very important role in influencing the performance of systems. In general, the amount of memory intended for graphics cards and for them Includes its capacity is between 1 and 12 GB.

But the remarkable thing about this part is that in some cases it is possible that part of the computer’s RAM is occupied by graphics cards and the graphics card uses this memory at this time. The type of memory used by the graphics card is called shared memory.

Therefore, different methods can be used to determine the memory occupied by the graphics card of the system or the amount of memory that it contains, each of which is different depending on the operating system of the people and Note that in the methods described below, select the method that is relevant to your operating system.

Detect the amount of memory on graphics cards in the Windows 10 operating system

Graphics card memory – Due to the fact that the ways of finding the graphics card information of people’s systems in operating systems are different, now in Windows 10, the following way can be used to find the amount of memory for your system graphics card. There appeared.First, by selecting the Windows option in the menu that appears for the user, type the display option, so that in the window that appears for you, and among the displayed options, you must select the display settings option, and Click on it.Now in the next window on the left side of the part that is displayed, first select the display option and then select the advance display settings option, and then select the display adapter properties option.Now in the menu displayed for the user from the adopter menu you can easily see the amount of memory on your graphics card.

Graphics card memory

Detect the amount of memory on graphics cards in Windows 8 and 8.1

 The next operating system that we have introduced in this section is the methods for determining the amount of memory in the graphics card is Windows 8 and 8.1 operating system.Therefore, in order to know the amount of memory in the Windows graphics card, you must first go to the control panel page and open the desired page.Next, you must select the display option from this section, and then in the displayed menu, you must also select the screen resolution option, which can also be used to select the adjust resolution option.

Finally, by selecting any of the above options, you will be transferred to another page, in which you must also select the advanced setting option.Then select the adopter option in the menu that appears, and then in the specified window, it will display the amount of memory available for your graphics card.

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