Goal seek in Excel

Goal seek in Excel


Goal seek in Excel

Goal seek in Excel is one of the sensitivity analysis tools in Excel. By selecting the what if analysis menu, we see three analytical tools placed in this menu, one of which is goal seek, and to get acquainted with the performance of this Tools You can join us to create accurate analysis of your data through the content in this section.

One of the important features that exist in Excel software and have been added as sensitivity analysis tools in this software, has enabled you to make the right decisions in the possible circumstances of your business. In fact Using the possible features in Excel, you can not measure your situation with possible variables, and therefore by changing each of these variables on other variables in your system as a good conclusion of the situation. Due to this feature available in Excel software and its analysis tools in this section, we have introduced the goal seek tool, which is one of these tools for data analysis and analysis. Another important feature Excel software that has been introduced to analyze data and analyze them, but because it is one of its new features, it has not been considered by many users in general. But if you can use this section and its features, You can easily measure different conditions in Excel for your business in such a way that through gaza The rashes that are visible to you at the end, you can get the best analysis.

Goal seek in Excel

What is Goal seek in Excel and what is its use?

Goal seek in Excel – As mentioned in the previous section, this type of tool is one of the tools available in the Excel environment through which it is used to analyze data, and its function is to use it to cause an impact. Measure the placement of a value in a formula into another value. In other words, it can be introduced in such a way that by using the feature and functionality added in this tool, you can use it to get a specific conclusion from You can get the amount you need to enter as input.

Goal seek in Excel – Another important feature of using this tool is that all calculations and analyzes are done by Excel software with this tool and only shows the result for you. But the user who tries to use This tool has to select the formula and value of the target cell as well as the cell that needs to be changed to achieve its goal in this section so that they can also achieve the result. Using this type of tool more It has been used for sensitivity analysis in financial models performed by large businesses, but note that the use of this type of tool is not limited to what is said, but by other people. Its features are also used and its performance can be introduced with an example that you can be aware of in such a way that if you have earned 100 million Tomans in a period of selling your business .

Using this tool, it tells you how much sales it has earned in each period to reach this amount of net profit, so according to the introduction of this tool, you are familiar with its purpose, but note that in using this The tool uses only one value for its input. You can not specify more than this value for the input, and for times when you are faced with complex tools and models where the variables are more than one. You must use other plugins that are included in this model.

Goal seek in Excel

Learn how to use Goal seek in Excel

In order to get acquainted with how to use this tool in Excel environment, we must teach it to you with an example so that you can get a conclusion from your data and use it. Be aware that this tool works when you have set your goal but do not know what action you need to take to reach your ultimate goal. An important feature of these people is that by not changing the formula, it only changes the amount of input, so that you can achieve the desired result using the same formula.

Goal seek in Excel – For example, consider that in a business where there is a product that sells its product at a certain price, for example at a price of $ 5, and by reducing the sales commission fee, which in this section is 10% in As a result, the business in question earns $ 450, but the important question here is how many goods do you have to sell in order to earn a thousand dollars? Make a profit ‌. In order to be able to answer the question, the answer must be to organize your data using a formula cell so that you also have a variable cell, and this variable must also depend on the formula cell. Therefore, first go to the data tab in Excel and select the what if analysis option in this section, and then click on the goal seek option, which is the second option in this section, and select it.After selecting the desired tool, windows will be displayed for you in which there are different sections and sections.

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