Gif design in Photoshop

Gif design in Photoshop


Gif design in Photoshop

Gif design in Photoshop is one of the main components in exchanging with people using social software, which is also called moving images, and is taken in various fields of study and entertainment. Or even cinematic can be used.

Gifs are a group of images that have a lot of content value and can be used to easily teach many instructions to their audience, and since they are easily reproducible, It used to understand the subject.This method is used as one of the best methods to display information data for the user and has caused by coloring and moving the images, it takes them out of the dull state and makes it very attractive. Created.

To introduce gifs, it can be said that they are animated images that have no sound and, like classic animations, are composed of a set of fixed images and can be executed sequentially.And by executing them one after the other, it causes the ambiguity and illusion that the desired image is moving and is one of the graphic exchange formats, which is also called the compressed image file format, and the possibility It also provides animation creation for the user.

Gifs, which have been introduced as one of the fastest ways to express emotions and as one of the simple languages ​​that can easily convey the desired concept, have become very popular among users.Animated images allow users to easily create them using a piece of video or a series of static images in your Photoshop software. For this reason, in this part of the tutorial, we have provided you with how to create and design gifs.

Gif design in Photoshop

Learn the steps of making and designing gifs in Photoshop

To design gifs in Photoshop software, as mentioned in the previous section, it can be designed through videos or images, so in this section, we have also taught how to design gifs using video, and in In the next part, we will teach how to create it through images.

Gif design using video

Due to the fact that how to create gifs in Photoshop software is very simple and easy and has no special complexity, and usually in the methods of introducing and creating gifs, after opening Photoshop software and running this software, a Created a new file, in which you do not need to create a new document to create video gifs.

And you have to go to the file menu in this software, then select the import option in the list displayed for this menu, and then in the next section, you have to select the video frames to layer option.Now, by selecting the desired option, you must select your desired video, then in the next section, by selecting the desired video, click on the open option. Immediately, a box will be displayed for you, in which you can view the entire video. Imported or even select part of it.

Gif design in Photoshop 

Finally, if the user selects a part of their video through the preview that is displayed at the bottom of the image and the start and end point is placed with the cursor handles, through it, by designing the relevant part of the video Select.

This means that if you select the section between these two cursors, only that section will be placed for you and the other sections of the video will be deleted.The important thing is that the more video you enter in this section, the longer and longer your gif will be, and it is better to choose your gif shorter, so it is better to have only one Select a short section of your video.

One of the most important points that the user should pay attention to is for long videos, if the videos entered in this section are long and you want to reduce their size, but without compromising the quality It is better to choose the option limit to every two fromes.

Gif design in Photoshop

Gif design in Photoshop – In this section, there is another option that includes the make frame animation option, which after activating the check box, click on the ok option, and depending on the size of your video, the time it takes to create a moving image or The gif that will be created will also be different, which will eventually display a new file for you after the process is completed, which will place each frame of the video on a specific layer for you.

At the bottom of your Photoshop desktop, below the image created from the gif, there is a section called the timeline, which shows the number of frames that make up your gif or animation.Each of the frames belongs to a separate layer of the image and the user can delete any of the placed frames as desired or add or even edit it.

Gif design in Photoshop – But if you want to convert your video to an animated image and you want this to be done directly, simply click on it by selecting the play option, which is placed below the preview. Your file form is ready to be saved in the system.How to save your gif in Photoshop software is quite simple and just go to the file menu in Photoshop software and list

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