Cmd commands

Frequently used cmd commands


Frequently used cmd commands

most commonly used cmd commands can be used using the content and tutorials uploaded in this article, and by using them in various fields.In fact, many users and people who use Windows operating systems have sometimes encountered problems that include limited access to them, which are encountered in the control panel and system settings. have became.

For users and people who want to feel without any restrictions on their use of operating systems, the best option and suggestion is to use the program and the user interface Command Prompt, through which they can enter the command themselves. Take action to get things done.

Frequently used cmd commands

In order to be able to use this user interface and its commands, you must first open it in your system, which is how to open and use it, which is in two ways, and both methods are introduced in this section, and users with Using any of these methods can open and refer to it is as follows:

The first method that is available for users to use this environment is this form and method that you must first refer to the START menu in your windows and then in this section must select the All Programs option.In the next section, after selecting the above option, you must select the Accessories option and enter the menu of this section, and then run the Command Prompt program in this section, so that it can be used by stating the relevant codes.

Another way to use and refer to this section and Command Prompt is by selecting the Win + R keys, which after selecting them will be transferred to the Run page, in which your people and users must cmd Type to be referred to the relevant field and finally select the OK option.

How to work with it is very simple and easy, and only by entering the relevant instructions and codes can be easily used to other users with the relevant code that is needed to use it. Get acquainted. In the following, some of these codes have been introduced, which can be studied in this article.

Frequently used cmd commands

Introducing commonly used cmd commands

Ping command code

Frequently used cmd commands – This command code, which is one of the most widely used codes and also one of the simplest, is used for network troubleshooting commands, through which it is possible to establish a connection with the site or the IP of the case. The opinion gained confidence.

In fact, they use it to inform people that their system is connected to the Internet domain and can be connected or not, and also if the system can be connected, how long will it take to process the data? Take it to the desired domain and return it.

In other words, in a simpler expression, it can be said that by using this command code, people can be informed whether their system is connected to the Internet or not, and in general, troubleshoot network connections to It works and through it it is possible to find out whether people’s computers are connected to the desired host or not.

Frequently used cmd commands

Many people who use computers professionally use this method to connect to the Internet, and instead of constantly opening Google pages to find out that they are connected to the Internet, use this method to find out. be.But the way to work with this method and code command is as follows, according to the methods mentioned above, after appearing in its text user interface program, which includes Command Prompt, in this section, you must ping your command. Enter.

Frequently used cmd commands – Next, you must enter the domain name or subdomain, or you can enter your IP name in this field, after which this code command works in such a way that it sends a number of data and its return time Records as well as the number of data sent.Now, if some of the data did not come and was not returned, you will see a Lost message in front of which the data is displayed, and this display is very important for other people who use their systems for different online games. It is important because looking at this data shows that the performance of the game is inadequate.

Frequently used cmd commands

When none of the data is returned and you do not receive any response, it means that there is no connection with this address and server and it indicates the existence of a communication problem in the said address.In this instruction and command code, their people can make changes in such a way that by entering the ping instruction -n 10, they can increase the number of packages sent, but note that your system Sends 4 packages by default.

Of course, using this instruction, which includes ping -w 6000, they can change the timeout time in milliseconds according to this instruction that was stated and set it.

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