Freeze in Excel

Freeze in Excel


Freeze in Excel

Freeze in Excel – Freezing in Excel is another important feature in Excel software that you can use this feature to learn how to fix it on your rows and columns. In fact, freezing in Excel environment means fixing rows and columns, which is one of the most practical methods that can be used to make Excel files better and more readable. So that it has a very simple method of use and you can use it and use it in your files.

In general, when there is a lot of data in your Excel file sheets and you decide to scroll to see all the data and the lower parts of the rows or other parts of the columns by scrolling A feature in Excel is that by scrolling rows and cells, the titles in each row or column will not remain at the top of your table.

When you go to the bottom and other rows and columns, you will not be able to see the existing titles on the other rows and columns. This will cause the file information to be placed at the top of it. By scrolling it down or to the right, you will not be able to see the desired information for each column, and thus you will get a lot of errors and mistakes.

Freeze in Excel

Freeze in Excel  – But if you want to keep these titles fixed in your rows and columns, you can freeze it in such a way that at the beginning of each row and column, the desired information remains and you No matter how much you scroll through them, they will remain the same. See the data of each of these important titles, and if you scroll it, you will be confused in receiving the data by not viewing these titles.

How to fix and freeze in Excel Although it is one of the most simple methods, but through its unique feature, it makes your work sheet houses in Excel for the times given. To improve your data in a way that you can easily have the desired information. In order to be able to use this method in Excel for your text and data, you can read the following: This section is placed to easily read the tutorial and use it for your data.

How to freeze in Excel and learn it

In order to be able to use the freeze feature in Excel for your data, you can do this through the three methods that the Excel environment provides to the user, so that freezing can be used for the first row. And you can even freeze the left column, the first column, or you can select a larger set as a group and freeze them together.

Freeze in Excel  – This group can be several rows or several columns, or you can even select a group of columns with a group of rows that you can freeze at the same time, so that you can Use these methods and freeze them. Read more with us.

How to freeze the first line in Excel

The first way to freeze in this section is to freeze the first row, and when you want to see a list that has a lot of data, you can scroll to the top row. The desired information is not displayed.In this way, you will make mistakes in receiving information. Now, through this method, you can fix the first row in such a way that by scrolling, the desired information will be displayed for you.

Freeze in Excel

So for this action, go to the menu and tab veiw in Excel environment and by selecting it, you must select the Windows section and group, and by selecting the freeze pan slider option in the list displayed for this option, you must select the freeze top row option. Select and click on it. In this way, the first row of your rows, in which important titles are placed, will be placed in a fixed form immediately, and by scrolling it to any extent, it will cause this row to continue. Be displayed for you and you can see this part in any part of your image and data.

Freeze in Excel – How to deactivate this option and de-stabilize the first row of this section, you can go through the said path again and set it to unfreeze mode. So for this method, you must go to the veiw menu again. In this section, click on the freeze panes slider option and finally select the unfreeze panesv option to make the first row out of the stationary state.

How to fix the first column and freeze in Excel

Freeze in Excel  – Sometimes your information and data is in the worksheets that are placed in such a way that the important information and titles are placed on the left and the first column. And when you scroll the information to the right This column is no longer displayed for you and you can not see its titles for other information.

Therefore, at this time, we must try to prove or freeze the first column that n

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