Formula writing in Excel

Formula writing in Excel


Formula writing in Excel

Formula writing in Excel – is one of the most important capabilities and features of Excel, through which a series of calculations and comparisons can be done for formulas on the numerical values ​​entered in it, and in this way, Formulas used Note that they function in Excel software is one of the most important features in it that makes performing operations in formulas simple and easy.

If you are also a beginner user of Excel spreadsheets and you feel that it is difficult to write formulas and work with this part in Excel software, you should note that Excel formulas make this possible for you. Brought so that you can easily perform many different calculations on different numerical data.

And in this way, it can be used for simple addition and subtraction operations, and at the same time, this feature can be used for very complex calculations, so by studying what has been said and repeating and continuing in this matter. You can gain mastery and skills in this part of Excel software and become one of the professional users of using Excel environment.

When you put a formula in the environment correctly and immediately after changing the values ​​in it, Excel automatically displays the result for you and updates the result every time you change the values. In this section, we will introduce your formula writing methods in Excel so that you can easily put your advanced formulas in this environment and view the results on your data. do.

Formula writing in Excel

Learn how to write formulas in Excel and the main operators in formula writing

Before you start teaching formulas, in order to have a very suitable formula in cells, you must specify the address of the cells by clicking on each of the cells in your Excel page in the name box You display the address of the cell so you can get the address of each cell. Note that this type of address is also called relative addressing in Excel so that you can formulate inside a cell. Set your goal and start formulating this way. First, we need to introduce you to the main formulation operators so that you can formulate through familiarity with them in cells, so formulation in Excel has a series of elements that can be introduced.

Operators and structure of Excel formulas

Formula writing in Excel – Formulation in an Excel environment has a series of elements and operators that the most important and main element of formula writing can be considered for equal sign. When you put this symbol in a cell, it means that you are in Excel. You understand that you want to use the formula.

It should be said that equal use is used in the cell when you want the cell to display the answer to the formula. In fact, the equal sign to the environment tells Excel that all the information and data that are listed below are part of They are formulas and you should not treat them as text, and when you enter your formula in a cell, the cell will show you the answer.

Another of these elements in formula writing includes parentheses, which are used to better understand formulas written in Excel and are defined in the structure of various Excel functions. The use of operators in Excel, which itself They are divided into two categories: operations and comparisons. It has been used for comparative operators as larger and smaller operators, and for operational operators, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operators. is used.

Formula writing in Excel

Formulation rules

Formula writing in Excel – In order to be able to start writing your formula in an Excel environment and in its structure, you must follow the structure and elements included in this formulation as Excel puts it, so that you can get the result of the formula for yourself. Earn.

Thus, the first thing in this section is that you should start all your formulas in Excel with an equal sign, and this is one of the main rules of the Excel environment. The second main thing when formulas It should be noted that any formula written in a cell is for that cell only, and the formula in that cell does not affect the contents of the other cells. All formulas in Excel are just one number, so you can not expect to get several types of output when writing a formula, and another thing to keep in mind is that in Excel Priority is given to placed operators.

Formula writing in Excel – In other words, in formulas, power is first calculated, then it gives the right of precedence over multiplication and division, and finally the right of precedence to addition and subtraction. They mean that all the expressions in parentheses are the highest priority in calculating a formula.

Formula writing methods in Excel

In order to have a very good formulation in an Excel environment, you can use all the data, texts, and codes directly to get the answer you want.

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