What is the use of IDE?

Features of IDEs


Features of IDEs

features of IDEs can be mentioned according to the reasons that have caused a great deal of popularity of this type of programming environment, which we will describe its various features in the following sections. And be aware of the major features that exist in these types of IDEs and use them in your programming.

In general, to introduce IDEs, it can be said that they are an integrated development environment that acts as a software program and through it, causes the existing code for the program. Writers and developers can use it to build software and help them with their programming.

Since IDEs are each specific to a programming language, programmers and users who use them should pay attention to the features in each of the IDEs.Because if you use an IDE for web design, you can not use the same IDE for Android software design, so it must be said that each of these IDEs are made for a specific programming language and can only be Used it.

Note, of course, that a number of IDEs support many languages, but in general each IDE is a native language.There are many IDEs in the world that have attracted the attention of many fans, and famous examples of these types of IDEs include webstorm, eclipse, phpstorm, and many other IDEs that also exist.A noteworthy point in using IDEs is that each of the different types of IDEs is designed for a specific task only and can be used for the intended task.

Introducing the features of IDEs

In general, IDEs have many features that, despite these features, has caused each of them to have its own special and special popularity among users, and also has caused their fame and popularity.Of course, a number of features that are introduced in this section include features that are common to all IDEs, which can be read to know about them and the features of IDEs.

Features of IDEs

Source code source editor

features of IDEs – One of the important features that has been introduced as the first feature in IDEs and is available for all of them is the source code editor that in the IDE users can easily write the code they want and write them. To design.And at the time of writing, edit the desired code to this feature, which makes you write your coding in a normal environment and then the user has the opportunity to edit the relevant code after writing, the editor It is called source code and is also known as source code editor.

The function of this type of feature can be introduced as the IDE environment of the editor in which other programmers put their code and approved it, thus writing the desired code of a programmer using The compiler or interpreter feature that exists within IDE programming environments causes the programmer’s desired coding to become machine language and thus executable.

Therefore, considering these important features that are present in IDEs, it can be considered very similar to text html code editors, which are very similar in terms of function.

Debugger or error corrector

Another physical feature found in all IDEs and programming environments is the error correction feature, which lets you know which part of the source code of the program you want. There is a problem and as soon as the desired error is identified and you are warned, try to fix it.

Features of IDEs

features of IDEs

In fact, in other words, this feature is considered as an important and very useful component of IDEs, because through it, it is easy to debug tools that allow users to identify their errors and fix them. Appearance helps a lot.Accordingly, it causes other programmers to test the desired program before publishing it when different parts of it have been written, and to publish it by finding its errors and fixing them. And thus do not encounter the error of the desired program that other people will use your programs in the future.

In fact, if this feature of IDEs did not exist, the user would have to transfer his text to an external compiler to write his text in a text editor, and thus test the debugger feature in it, so that he would realize all the flaws of his work. Be.Due to this action, which is very difficult, especially when the programming language you use is not compatible with the desired software, in this case, you will have many problems to troubleshoot it.

Automation manufacturing tools

Another important feature of all IDEs is the automation tools through which all the processes and parts related to compiling or interpreting as well as debugging can be easily done by Did an IDE.

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