Familiarity with the Photoshop environment

Familiarity with the Photoshop environment


Familiarity with the Photoshop environment

Familiarity with the Photoshop environment is one of the most important steps that any user and person who wants to use the Photoshop environment and edit their images and thus create new images and files.First, he must be fully acquainted with the environment in which he has referred, so that he can easily identify in time the other actions he wants to use while working and editing his documents, and Select the desired options.

Therefore, according to the training steps that were stated to install Photoshop on the user’s system and you tried to install it and then run it on your system, you should now use this training material to enter the environment in which you entered. And it includes a variety of options and many leaf heads to get acquainted.In this way, get acquainted with the performance of each of these parts and select different parts to edit your photos.

Familiarity with the Photoshop environment

Due to the fact that Photoshop software, a product of Adobe, is one of the most widely used software among users and people around the world, so that it can be used for professional and non-professional applications in various graphic jobs. Becomes.Therefore, it can be said that this software is the best and most necessary type of graphic software for home and professional users who deal with computers.

Familiarity with the Photoshop environment

Of course, due to the fact that every day with new versions of this software and new features that are added to it and made available to people, has caused the popularity of the software and its performance to increase, which initially for To edit your images properly, you need to be familiar with its work environment, then perform the above operations.

Now, in this part of our tutorial, by introducing the main Photoshop environment and other parts and tools that exist in it, we have tried to acquaint the user with it, so that after opening Photoshop and viewing the environment in which it is located It is given not to be confused.And with the familiarity that he finds about it, the complexities that result from the great content that exists for him will be solved for him and through this, he will easily edit his files in this environment.

Familiarity with the Photoshop environment and the different parts and main parts of Photoshop

Therefore, according to all the said explanations, now run the Photoshop software and in the environment in front of you, according to the different parts that exist, we will introduce each of them.It is possible that when you run Photoshop software, you spend time to open it, which is due to the high volume of Photoshop, and due to its large volume, you spend time to open it.

Menu bar menu bar

Familiarity with the Photoshop environment – The first part of the Photoshop page, which is also located at the top of the page, includes a menu bar, which contains a menu of all kinds of actions that can be taken for different parts of image editing. There is a self-run.There are also other actions needed to organize and execute various commands in this section and you can refer to this menu.

Due to the various options and sections in this bar, it has become a main menu, which generally includes the program settings.Other various parts that are required by the user can be accessed in this part and also in this part can be used to save your files.

In any type of software that operates in such a way that it applies a series of actions on people’s documents, there is a menu that is considered as the main part of the software and includes its menu. These menus show all parts of the program, and the Photoshop menu also includes various options, each of which we will briefly introduce.

Familiarity with the Photoshop environment

Familiarity with the Photoshop environment

File file: In this section, you can see all the options and features that you need to start a file and also to end the desired file, and in fact to save your files and also reduce the size. It can be referred to from this section.Edit edit: The next option in this section includes an edit menu that users are easily familiar with this type of menu because in this section you can easily perform editing operations.

One of the operations that can be done in this section is to copy a file or part of it, as well as to return to the previous step and undo action, which can be used in this section. image menu: There are various options and sections in this menu to affect your file or image. By selecting different options in this menu, you can apply the desired settings on your image.

Layer menu: This menu, which has an effect on one layer and is very similar to the image menu, and the only difference is that it has an effect on the layer, which in the image menu has an effect on the whole image. Because there are many layers in every image that edits and other changes in Photoshop, and this option is to select and apply changes to a layer.

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