Familiarity with Excel terms

Familiarity with Excel terms


Familiarity with Excel terms

Familiarity with Excel terms, for users who are beginners and have referred to this environment and are ready to learn the content in this environment, should use the terms that exist in this software and in its environment among all users who use Excel. , It is common to become familiar so that they do not get confused when dealing with a part and a term, and can easily learn and use the content in the relevant part.

In any software that you want to see tutorials in that environment and use, it has a series of terms and words in its environment that other users of that environment communicate with others with these terms. Therefore, in Excel, there are a series of basic terms that to get acquainted with these terms and things that exist in the Excel environment, join us to read more of the many of them that are most used in the Excel environment. Get to know them.

Introduction and familiarity with Excel terms

Now, in this section, in order to get acquainted with a set of terms available in Excel software, some of which we have introduced in the following, you should easily understand the difference between the terms contained in it, and with complete mastery of this The environment you can easily work in and use it.

Spreadsheet term

One of the common terms in Excel software includes spreadsheet, which should be said that this software is one of the spreadsheet software that has a set of tables. This means that each of the cells in this table contains your statistical or textual information, and each of the cells in this table can be both related and independent of the other cells. The most important component in spreadsheets is linking the contents of cells together, which means that any information in a cell can be merged with other cells and computed with them. Or it can be owned separately.

The term function

The function in Excel environment is assigned to a formula that this formula is already defined by the user or any person who uses Excel in Excel environment using other parameters and values ​​that according to a specific order whose input The function is also called placed so that we can perform our calculations and thus the result will be displayed to you in a cell.

Familiarity with Excel terms

Argument term argument

Another term used in Photoshop includes arguments, which usually refer to the input of internal functions, and it can be said that an argument or arguments are raw information that is entered into a function, and By performing a series of calculations and calculation operations on the desired function, you will get an output of the function.

Oppositional argument term

Familiarity with Excel terms – This type of argument, as defined in the previous section, is the input of a function, with the difference that there is a default value in it, and using this argument is completely optional and the user can use it. Slow or not. When the user ignores this part while using the Excel environment and its desired parts and does not use it, it causes Excel software to completely complete this part and put values ​​in it.

Array formula

The array formula can be introduced as one of the formulas that can perform multiple calculations on one or more elements of the array at the same time and show you the result. The way to write it in an Excel environment and Excel software is that the usual method used in this software to write formulas works for this case as well, but this action despite a Makes the main difference.

The only difference between this type of formula and the usual formulas in Excel is that after using a formula in Excel as an array formula, you have to use three combination keys: control, shift and Enter. This will cause Excel software to put your formula completely automatically.

Familiarity with Excel terms

The term workbook and worksheet

 For the term workbook and worksheet, these two items should be introduced in such a way that the workbook is the same Excel file that you work within this environment and is one of the common terms in the Excel environment that the user is faced with. And all Excel files can be said to be a workbook in which there are a number of worksheets.

In fact, when you are in Excel and you want to save a file through the methods available in this environment to save, if you do not enter the desired name for the file will cause the selected name To save it to the book by default by Excel software.

Next to this name, it puts a number for each file in such a way that it saves the first saved file as a book1 and puts the other files as number 2 and the rest of the numbers, respectively. But worksheets are one of the completely independent sheets that can contain one or more data tables and can be considered as one

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