The most important Excel shortcuts

Excel shortcuts


Excel shortcuts

Excel shortcuts can be introduced in this software and used because in Excel software, which is one of the software of Microsoft, as one of the most powerful software with power that It is used for spreadsheet processing. In this version, which is a very old software, with new updates, new shortcuts have been included in each update, and these shortcuts are more than There are more than 200 types of shortcuts that have caused many users to panic and avoid it.

Therefore, in this section, we have tried to introduce the shortcut keys, which have many functions and are used a lot, until the users of this environment to calculate and other required items. They use themselves to increase the speed of using this environment by using these widely used keys.

Excel shortcuts – Even now, in this section, by introducing the most used shortcut keys in Excel, we have tried to introduce them with a simple expression and you can use them for your affairs from the Excel environment. One of the important advantages in The use of shortcut keys in Excel can be introduced to include speeding up the use of this environment when placing your data and managing it.

Excel shortcuts

In addition to increasing the speed of using it and managing your data, it has also provided the user with the pleasure of using this environment, so as you know, many applications have an environment in which There is, the user is afraid of the type of operation when entering these environments. In this way, it has caused him to no longer go to training and learning the software, and now the software developers have tried to introduce shortcut keys Any software, the user if using it can easily access the relevant tools and sections

There are many shortcuts in Excel software, which, as mentioned above, can be referred to more than 200 shortcut keys, but we tried to introduce you to the most used shortcut keys. Familiarize yourself with these keys so that you can easily and simply meet your needs.

Introducing shortcut keys in Excel and how to select them

Excel shortcuts – In this section and in the first part of the content, we have tried to introduce the main keys of the Excel environment to you, in the sense that these shortcut keys are among the keys that are widely used in the Excel environment. And learning them is one of the most important things for users who are beginners and try to learn the Excel environment by studying the content and tutorials, and it is better to know the main shortcut keys of the Excel software and learn about them in this Use the environment.

Ctrl + N shortcut keys

Excel shortcuts – The first shortcut key that is introduced in this section and as one of the keys that is used a lot in Excel environment, includes the case through which and by pressing these keys simultaneously cause To be able to create a new worksheet, which is also called a new workbook page, in which you can put new data and items, and thus the necessary operations. Do on it.

Ctrl + O shortcut keys

Other shortcuts introduced in this section include the ones used to open a new window, and when you open a new window, you can open a new Excel file. In other words, it is also called a workbook, which means that by selecting this key, it will be possible to place another workbook in this environment or another new office. Open it and use it for other necessary purposes.

Ctrl + S shortcut keys

To introduce the next shortcut key that includes this item, selecting these two keys will allow you to save your Excel workbook and thus the file placed in the Excel environment on which changes have been made. Save the ID or other necessary information and it can be said that this key is used to save the office.

Excel shortcuts

F12 shortcuts

This key is used to open the save as dialog box, which means that if you select this key, it will cause this environment to be displayed to you, and you can save the worksheet in Excel under a new name. And you can use this section.

Ctrl + F4 and Ctrl + W shortcut keys

Another feature of this section includes these keys, which are used to close Microsoft Excel via the Ctrl and F4 keys, and the selection of the Ctrl and W keys also causes the Excel workbook environment and worksheet to be closed for you. In fact, the shortcut key of the first part is used to close the whole Excel and the shortcut key of the second part is used to close a workspace.

F4 shortcut key

Excel shortcuts – With this key you can easily repeat the previous instructions that are being done and as one of the very useful and important shortcut keys in this software and when you take the last step about Excel Done immediately after selecting this key will cause the previous action to be performed

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