Excel menu in Ribbon

Excel menu in Ribbon


Excel menu in Ribbon

Excel menu in Ribbon, which is a menu in which there are different tabs and tabs, and by referring to this section, you can see all its sub-sections by selecting any of the related sections.

Note that the categories placed in this menu, by selecting any of them in the list displayed for that group, will show you all the options related to that category and you can If necessary, use any of these options in the Excel environment. In fact, the user and other people when entering the Excel environment and want to learn and work with this environment to deal with the different parts of this software If they are not familiar with the software and are not aware of all the options placed in this environment, they will not be able to acquire sufficient skills and mastery in learning this software.

Therefore, in the tutorial placed in this section, we will introduce to you all the different tabs and options that exist in the main menu of this environment, and each of them has a subset for itself so that you can refer to the different sections. This section, if necessary, uses the type of application of each of these options and thus use the Excel environment with more awareness.

Introducing the Excel menu in ribbon and the options in this section

The menu in Excel, like any other type of software, has different categories, and by selecting each of these categories, you can also view the sub-categories of this section, and if necessary, use it for different sections. Have a variety of them.

Excel menu in Ribbon

File menu in Excel

The first part that exists in this menu and you can see it in the Excel menu bar includes the file menu, which by clicking and selecting this menu causes you to be referred to another page in the Excel software environment, which in There are several options for this menu and its various options include the following, each of which we will briefly introduce to you.

Info option

By selecting the file menu on the screen displayed for you, the first option in it includes this item, which you can use to get information about a specific Excel file that you have selected. The desired information, including the date of creation of the Excel file with the last date edited in it, as well as the author’s name and its version along with other features can be obtained in this part of the file.

New option

Excel menu in Ribbon – The next option in this section also includes the case that this option is used to create and create a new file in Excel environment, and this case itself has a shortcut method that the user if in Excel environment Working and immediately selecting its shortcuts will create a new file for him. Its shortcut key also includes selecting the control keys and N at the same time. If you do not use the shortcut method, by referring to the File menu and selecting this option in the next section, you must click on the Blank workbook option This will open a new file for you.

Open option

Excel menu in Ribbon – The next option in this section also includes this option, through which this option is used to be able to run a new file in Excel environment, and this case also has a shortcut method that includes control keys and o If selected at the same time, these two items will cause a new section to be displayed for you, and in that section, you can select your saved Excel file in any part of your computer and save it in Run the Excel environment.

Excel menu in Ribbon

Save and save as options

These two options, which are quite obvious, are used to save files, and the save option is used to save your created file, and its shortcut keys also include the control key and s, which by selecting this The option and its shortcut key allow you to save your file. The save as option can also be used to get another copy of your file or to save the saved file in another part. Is used and its shortcut key also contains the F12 key, and if you select any of the following options, you must select the selected path to save the file.

Print option

Excel menu in Ribbon – This option, which is available in this section in the File menu, is for printing your created file. To use its shortcut key, you can also select the control and p keys at the same time. Show you that in the desired section you can specify the requirements for your file and your printer, then take a print of your file and print it.

Share and export options

It is used through the share option so that you can share your file, and through it, you can send the desired file to a number of users, or even send it via email. Export is used to save your files and documents in pdf and XPS format, and you can easily change your file type through this option, instead of saving the desired file in Excel, you can save it. Save pdf or XPS.

Close option

Another option in this section that is placed for the file menu includes the close option through which

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