Duolingo test

Duolingo test


Duolingo test

Duolingo test is the important topic of this part of the article. There are different types of English language tests that you can read more about with us until the end of the article and use this article to get acquainted with different cases and parts of Duolingo. Duolingo first released its curriculum in 2011, although not much software has been introduced. However, this software and the features of this test gained so much popularity that today, few people can be identified who are not familiar with this software and its test. So with this statement, it can be said that Duolingo is an English language teaching software, due to the fact that English language teaching by schools and other centers that teach English has a high cost for individuals. And people have to pay a lot of money to get and teach and learn international English. Due to the high cost of these training, Duolingo Training Institute uses the tricks and actions of these training for all people and other people who can not afford the huge costs of language training in institutions and also others. It made it easy for people who do not have access to schools due to their location. That’s why Louis Vuitton, a leading professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. student named Surin Hacker started a project that resulted in Duolingo starting. In fact, they were looking for education until they finally came to the conclusion that due to the high demand of people around the world to learn English. The important point between these two people is that it should be said that these two prominent figures and creators of the Duolingo project were not language teachers and were only two engineers who used books and other cases in which language teaching They used it and put these tutorials in their software.

Of course, the other point is that they did not use the material collected from other sources in their teachings as they were. At first, they applied corrections to them, and then they trained people, and in addition to presenting materials and training, they also translated some texts and documents. The word doing means learning the language alongside the mother tongue. Due to the same name, at the beginning of building and creating their software, they decided to provide all the content in the software for free to users and people, and individuals around the world. And for the training they put in it, they did not receive any money, and to use it, it was enough to install the initial beta version on their mobile phone and create an account in it. Then, the founders of this English language learning project, by attracting investors, started to develop and develop their software better and more in order to attract more people. Then, by expanding their online collaboration on the web, they earned a lot of money this way. This led to the completion of the beta version available in 2012 and its availability to all people of the world in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and German. At the same time and after its presentation on a larger scale, it made this educational program very popular and gained a lot of fans. It attracted a lot of people and it is known as a way of learning English.

Duolingo test

After that, using the offer of more investment, the founders of this project started to make its mobile software in iOS versions on mobile phones, which will make it much easier for people and people to access it. And then in 2013, the mobile version of the Android software was presented to people, and now the number of users who use this software and have an account in this software is more than 200 million people in They do more than 7 billion exercises during the month. Features of this software include high-quality clips, images, and videos in which words are taught to pronounce correctly, and of course, other items that are taught in this educational software are translated and taught. Dear grammars and grammar. Currently, 30 living languages ​​of the world are taught in this software, and English is the main language, and one of its most important features is that it is free, which was decided by its creators from the very beginning of its construction and development. Therefore, it did not create any expenses for people and they only earn money through their software by using advertisements and membership fees paid through Duolingo Plus.

This means that in Duolingo Plus, you can remove ads and continue using them for a monthly fee of about $ 9.99.

How to use Duolingo software and its textbooks

This software has included exercises for people and special features such as training with entertainment and games have been included in it, which attracts and encourages people to perform daily lessons. The different courses in it are placed according to different topics, and if one lesson is read, the next lesson will be opened and it can be read. In the textbooks of each of these topics, grammatical points as well as points Important training is placed. After attending each lesson and studying it, people should study the dear points, the exercises in it, as well as the rules and other terms, and practice them on a daily basis, but the important feature of these exercises is this way. Which are accompanied by a combination of games and entertainment that attracts people to it and encourages them to do these exercises. After downloading and installing the software on your mobile phone and after opening it, you will be faced with a page where you will first be asked what language you want to learn and select it in the menu. Instead, you can select the desired language. In the next section that you enter, it will ask you how long you want to spend time for the software, which is from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, and you can choose any time period.

Then in the next section, you will be faced with the question that you want to start your learning from the basic level or you have a basic acquaintance with the desired language that you intend to learn, which can be used with any of the options. Choose according to your position. In the next part, it will ask you questions and tests in which the questions are in different forms so that you will not get bored of the questions tomorrow, and after you have answered the questions, a lesson will be opened for you, and in each step and This can be done every day. Of course, note that the number of questions asked of you is according to the time you chose at the beginning of the software and during that time the questions are asked the same amount.In the next part, Duolingo tells you that you have to create an account in it and you have to create an account in it, and in the same way, the lessons can be studied one after the other during the time you have chosen, every day. Take part in the tests to get the result you expect. In the first page menu of Duolingo software, there are different options, and in this section, we will explain some of these options and their uses to you.

There is an important part of this software that includes the streak option, which is located on the left side of the main page menu of the software. Fill this part with daily reference and study the lessons in it after This section is filled for you. The software provides special benefits for its users. Another part of this software is the heart, which has a dedicated icon such as a heart, and at the beginning of installing the software, the number next to it is 5. And if you learn the language every day and if you make a mistake during your daily tests, one of the hearts will be lost for you every time, and if you lose 5 hearts, it will not be lost that day. You can attend the software and use its lessons. The other part of the software is for users and people who are learning the language professionally. This part includes Crowns, which will give you Crowns if you complete any skills in this software. This means that in the next step, it is more difficult for the person to get the skill presented, which he/she should try harder to get. In general, this software has many sections, some of which we have introduced to you in this section.

How is the Duolingo test?

The tests in this software are as follows: It has two main parts. The first part of this test, in which comparative questions are used, has a score and evaluation of people, and various skills in language teaching, such as skills. Assesses speech, hearing, reading, and writing in 25 minutes. Of course, it should be said that in the first ten minutes, the rules of this test are stated and in the next 15 minutes, the questions of the test are asked from easy to difficult. But the second part of these tests, which is a video interview and the results of which are sent to universities and scientific and educational institutions, are themselves two parts, in the first part of this part by giving two topics can be Choose one of them optionally and talk about it for up to three minutes. In the next part, like the first stage, two topics are presented to people, and by choosing one of them, they have to write about it for up to five minutes. The total duration of this part is ten minutes, which is divided between the two parts.

One of the important parts of this section is related to the rules in these exams, so stay tuned to get acquainted with these rules, which are very important. Rules for taking the Duolingo tests for individuals use Duolingo and participate in its tests, this software and the founders of this software have applied other rules for it, such as having an account or an email to participate in the tests. And if the person has two accounts, it will be blocked. Another rule in these tests is that when taking English language tests if you write something down and take notes, not only will the test result not be issued to the person, but also the possibility of not taking the test again, and In no case will it be possible to retake the test. Another thing that you will be warned about during the test is how to place the monitor camera in front of you. You will be alerted if you do not position it correctly. Other rules of these tests are not to use plug-ins or add-ons on your systems and browsers. If these plugins are installed on your browser, you will not get the right test. The use of other smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices is not allowed in these tests. If at any time during the test for any reason you are disconnected from the test, the main reason is the Internet is disconnected, the person will be given the opportunity to retake the test. He can take these tests at another time.

Another rule of thumb for these tests is to clearly show the ears in the camera, which should not have any headphones, headphones, or anything else in them, and also you should not wear goggles. Other rules and conditions of these tests include having identification documents when taking the test and showing them in front of the camera. These documents include passports and identity cards, and the test site should be fully lit and there should be speakers, cameras, webcams, and microphones for people. The important point is that due to the fact that the certificate obtained from this virtual school and the exams for many educational institutions and universities are valid and the result obtained from it will be sent to them. However, this degree is still not accepted for some universities, so before taking the exam from the university to which you want to send the result, do some research to see if the degree is accepted for them or not.

Duolingo test

Another important point is not to use any of the items that make your test known as cheating, as the result is that you can never take the test again. But the way to find out about your cheating in these tests is that at the beginning of the text itself, the video of that test of Duolingo systems is recorded and after the test, it is carefully examined. Due to Doolingo’s system, if you open another page in your browser, they will notice, so avoid doing this. It is also important to note that you should not stay away from the camera at all times during the entire test period. Go and look directly at the camera in front of you. If another person is present at the test scene while you are taking the test, or you talk to someone, or you take the review page off full screen, your test will not be correctDuolingo tested. If you see a violation of one of Dollingo’s rules, your test results will not be sent or all the tests you took before will be canceled, and of course, the cost of the tests will not be refunded.

The difference between Duolingo tests and TOEFL and IELTS tests

An important part of this is the difference between the TOEFL and Duolingo tests which many people also believe is that TOEFL tests and training classes are better than Duolingo.To present this part of the article, it should be said that the first difference between these two tests is the way they are conducted, which is quite clear that to participate in the TOEFL tests, you must visit in person. This can be a problem for people who are far away if they do not have the problem to take the Duolingo tests, and no matter where they are on the ground, they can at any time and Participate in these tests anywhere. Another difference that can be seen in these tests is the TOEFL and Duolingo test questions, the content of the questions of these tests are completely different so that in the tests that are passed through TOEFL, the questions in it are with Attention is divided into the individual’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. If in passing the TOEFL tests, regardless of these categories, all the questions are generally placed in one test and the person is asked, and the other difference in these tests is that in the tests Passed through Duolingo does not use individual tests that contain long texts for listening, writing and reading, which is not the case with TOEFL tests.

But the other part of the difference between IELTS and Duolingo tests is that this part of the test, which tests reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, is done in both. But it also uses long texts in IELTS tests. Another thing is that the questions that are held in IELTS and in the tests that result from it are completely old four-choice questions and articles, while the Duolingo feature is a new format of questions that it uses in the way of its tests.IELTS tests are available in both general and university versions, while tests administered by Duolingo are a general form and are nevertheless accepted by a number of educational institutions and universities.

Duolingo test

Benefits of taking Duolingo teams

Another important part is that participation in Duolingo training is available to everyone all over the world for free, but to participate in the tests, you have to pay a fee, which, of course, by comparing this cost with other Tests such as TOEFL and IELTS can show that these costs are much lower and lower. In general, the cost of participating in these tests is estimated at $ 49. The most important feature of the tests is the result obtained from the test, which will be announced and determined within 48 hours after that. And it is sent to universities and educational institutions. If the other tests mentioned above take more time, and if you send the results of the TOEFL or IELTS tests, in addition to the fact that you have to send it yourself. You have to pay such a fee, which is about $ 20.Another advantage of these tests is that they are passed once every ten days. Individuals can easily and in the shortest possible time participate in these tests if not in other tests. And the important feature of these tests that makes it superior to other cases is that; Easily and in any part of the world and having a system that is connected to the Internet, you can participate in the tests by considering its terms and conditions.

Another point of this part is the duration of the test, in which people perform and run the tests for 45 minutes. If in TOEFL and IELTS for its tests, its duration is up to 3 hours. One of the important advantages of these tests, which gives them a great advantage over other tests, is that; The method of questions in these tests is such that if a person asks a question and answers it incorrectly, the next question will be easy. If he answers the next question correctly, the next question he will be asked will be difficult. In this way, this process continues until the end of the test and this type of comparative test is called based on the skills of the test person. How to participate in Duolingo exams for individuals and pay for the exam through PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards People who decide to take these tests must first have the necessary test preparation. Have done the various exercises in the software correctly and participated in the tests with a complete study of its courses. However, before taking the exam, individuals must pay the cost of taking the exam, which is about $ 49.99, and they can only pay for these expenses through credit cards such as master cards or Visa cards, as well as PayPal to act.

Preparation for Duolingo exams

Given that Duolingo is a new training system. Therefore, it cannot be understood that the way of holding the tests and the questions in them are not the same. But the important feature that these tests and this training program have for people is that; Before taking the test, you can participate in the tests that are posted on its site and are for practice, understand the general form of the tests, and get acquainted with them. Participating in these experimental tests is up to several times, and one of the reasons for participating in them is to increase the level of your training and improve the test result. In these tests, you can easily get acquainted with your problems and difficulties. And tried to fix them and then after getting the necessary preparation participated in the tests. The important point is that the time of holding the test exams is less than the main exams and they do not have the necessary accuracy as much as the main exams, but it can be said that according to the intelligent system of test questions, this feature is present in it. Using the level of skills of the individual during the test, the questions are changed and measured according to the skills of individuals.

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