Draw hollow shapes

Draw hollow shapes


Draw hollow shapes

Draw hollow shapes , and drawing other shapes in general in Photoshop, given the tools available for it, is very simple and easy, in this section, by changing it to empty shapes, we have tried to do tricks. We will teach you how to use this tool so that you can benefit from its major applications in your business.

Drawing and drawing geometric and non-geometric shapes in Photoshop using the tools available for it is very simple and according to the tricks that exist for them, they can be changed to your liking.In general, each of these items and its features in Photoshop can be used to draw or use this tool for the desired items using the tool in it, which is located on the left. Only by using special tricks of using Photoshop can the existing tools be changed to any extent desired and their other functions can be used.

Now, in this section, we have used the tutorials that we have provided for you to draw and draw hollow shapes with other explanations, which can be easily used by using this tutorial and the contents mentioned in this section. He used the said methods and tricks in his affairs.

Of course, it must be said that Photoshop, due to its unique features, has become the most popular type of graphic image editing software among users.Every day we see new features and capabilities that have been added to it and has caused this graphic software to be known as one of the most powerful software among users and designers and graphic designers and used more Be the most users.Now in this section, we will teach you hollow geometric shapes that can be drawn in your projects in different ways and accessed, so stay tuned until the end of this article to be able to Used the content in his affairs and projects.

Draw hollow shapes

Learn how to draw hollow shapes in Photoshop

Draw hollow shapes – To draw other hollow geometric and non-geometric shapes in Photoshop, you must first create your project after opening and running the Photoshop software, which can be done by opening the Photoshop software using the Ctrl keys shortcut Select the N key from the keyboard, which will be opened immediately by selecting the keys above the Photoshop window and its software will open your project.

Now you have to use the methods that we will introduce each of them one by one, you can draw a circle or any other geometric shape that you want to choose and leave it blank.

Draw hollow shapes using the SHAPE tool

Draw hollow shapes -Now, the first method that we have introduced to users in this section is using the shape tool, which is located on the left side of the tools, and it can be selected and by right-clicking on it, any geometric shape that Select the one you want to select.After selecting the desired shape, it should be drawn on your page, which can be dragged and dragged by clicking on a part of the page without releasing your mouse, and thus causes Draw your shape as much as you want and then release the mouse after dragging it.

Up to this point, it can be seen that the shape drawn by you is in the form of a solid geometric shape, which can be used to empty the space inside the desired shape and in fact be used as a hollow geometric shape. You have to when you draw the shape and release the mouse as soon as you release it.

Draw hollow shapes

Draw hollow shapes

At the same time, the desired shape settings window will be displayed. In order to be able to empty the desired shape, you must select the desired option in the settings window. The above option is also available. Contains no color to click on.

In the displayed window, you can make other necessary settings and changes for your shape. Of course, these actions can also be done through the menu at the top of the page, and you can empty your shape, except for the settings window in the bar. The menu that is displayed above and you can see in the pictures below has selected it, which will cause your geometric or non-geometric shapes to be empty.

Draw hollow shapes -Therefore, according to the explanations given through this action, you can only empty the geometric shapes in this way, but in order to be able to empty other geometric shapes that are actually non-geometric, you must use the same method that you took and the shape. You selected the desired geometry and drew the action.

In fact, through the Shape tool, you have to right-click on it and select the last option that exists, which includes the custom shape tool option, and click on it, which after selecting it, will be displayed in the top bar of the page. You can see that the types of bugs that exist for it can be seen in the desired menu.Choose one of the types of geometric shapes placed in this section and then draw it. Non-geometric shapes can be easily hollowed out according to the above instructions.

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