Draw a table in Excel

Draw a table in Excel


Draw a table in Excel

Draw a table in Excel – Drawing a table in Excel is one of the most important features in the Excel environment, through which you can use this section to display your other information in a more orderly manner. Of course, one of the important features in This environment exists where the user can access all of their data through operations that exist in the Excel environment and include operations such as sorting and filtering data and information. Arrange as you wish.

But wanting to use this type of sorting on a regular basis is somewhat difficult, so using a table is one of the better suggestions, and you can easily sort your data through it, and with a certain complexity. Therefore, in the tutorial included in this article, we have tried to acquaint you with the methods of creating and creating tables in Excel so that you can easily take advantage of other benefits of using tables. Be strong.Draw a table in ExcelIf you have noticed that normally when we use Excel and you see your data and available information, these actions are done through cells, but when you have a large amount of information, they You see a table with well-defined columns and rows in this table. So that you can easily create a constraint in Excel that displays your data range in the form of a table that You can also use its benefits this way.

Now, in order to be able to draw a table for your large amount of data in Excel, all you have to do is follow the tutorial in this section and follow all the above methods to do so. Your table will also be created in this environment.

Learn the steps to create and draw a table in Excel

Draw a table in Excel  – Many times it has happened to many users to design a spreadsheet in Excel and use it in their work environment, for example, other businesses such as a shop to be able to invoice sales with their own tastes. Design and enter the sales invoice in Excel and print it, it is enough to be in this section and do all these actions.

Before we draw the table and teach it, a few points are necessary to draw it. First, you should note that when you draw your table, the width of the columns in your table should be equal to the length of the information in the column. This way you can draw it. The next point in it is for the thickness of the border lines that when drawing the table, pay attention to the number of lines in this section. Also, in order for the sheets and fonts to be right-aligned and left-aligned, depending on the type of fashion and language, you should also pay attention to this part and observe it.

Draw a table in Excel – Use legible and clear fonts in your tables. You should also pay attention to the contrast and harmony of the colors that you have used in your table according to the black and white colors when printing, and you should choose the appropriate colors. The points mentioned in this section are among the important things that you should pay attention to when drawing your tables so that you can draw your table with a very beautiful appearance with its useful function, and thus the feature of the table in Use your data.

The first step is to draw a table in Excel

Now, according to the points mentioned for drawing your table, first consider your table information to draw it according to the type of columns in a worksheet, then select the desired area.

There are several ways to select an area of ​​cells in your worksheet, and the most common method is usually by dragging and dropping, in which case you can select the files you want in one Select an area. Of course, there are other methods through which you can select an area of ​​cells, and if you wish, you can use any of these methods and finally a specified part of the cell. Choose your own.

Draw a table in Excel

The second step is to draw the table

Draw a table in Excel – In the next step, in order to perform the commands related to adjusting the margin of the table in Excel, it must be done in such a way that you can do it in two ways. The first method is by placing Right-click on the selected area in the previous section, then in the list displayed in the format cells section, you must activate the border section in the window that is revealed to you in this section to be able to say the said items. Do.

The second method of this section is that you can refer to the home menu through the ribbon menu in Excel and by selecting it in the format as table section in this section, refer to the styles section and execute it. Finally, after selecting this option, it offers you patterns that you have to choose one of them as you wish, which finally, by using any of these methods, will cause you to display a window that Through it, you can apply for borders and colors and even the type of lines.

The third step is to draw the table

Draw a table in Excel – As mentioned in the previous section, after a window is displayed in which you can specify the color and type of lines and the location of the edge of your table, you should

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