Learn how to draw graphs in Excel

Draw a chart in Excel


Draw a chart in Excel

Draw a chart in Excel – Drawing graphs in Excel is one of the methods that can be used through graphs to be able to display your data graphically, and how to display this data and draw graphs is very simple, which requires It has no special complexity.

If you are one of the users who are familiar with the Excel environment and have worked in this environment, you must have realized the importance of this software in user calculations. So you know that this software is one of the most important software. It is in calculations that by placing graphs in itself, it has caused it to increase its importance, so that it has been introduced as one of the most important software in people’s calculations.

Graphs are used to gain a better understanding of the data, and in order to better represent and understand your data, we have tried to put in this section with training, from Through it, you can graph your data to better understand its variables and other things. Now you can use this tutorial.

Draw a chart in Excel – Graphs are visual effects of data that visually describe the data to the user, and due to the fact that graphs have many applications in Excel environment, with the placement of these graphs has caused So that users can display their desired data visually for their audience by placing it in a chart, so that if necessary, by viewing the chart, they can easily obtain other parameters and other features from it.

Draw a chart in Excel

Learn how to draw charts in Excel

Draw a chart in Excel – In Excel and drawing diagrams, due to the fact that there are different examples of it, Excel software has supported all different models of diagrams and makes it possible for the user to be able to The environment should draw different examples of it. Therefore, any user who wants to draw a diagram in this environment needs to first get acquainted with the types of diagrams in this environment and then proceed to draw a diagram. In this section, we also tried to introduce the diagrams in this environment in order to acquaint you with them first, and then we have taught you how to draw it in the following.

Bar charts: These charts are one of the common charts that display user data and information in a series of vertical bars and have many uses.

Pie charts: Another type of charts in which the user information is displayed in a part of the area of ​​a circle according to the amount and size in the desired section, and when you want to display a part of the information in the circle. Separate This section is separated, which also determines the ratio between the components of the chart.

Line charts: These are charts that display information about data in a continuous line and you can also use this chart to display your data.

Bar charts: These charts, which are similar to bar charts and have a similar appearance, the only difference between this chart and bar charts is that the bar charts are displayed horizontally. Be.

Area diagrams: Another type of diagrams that are introduced as area diagrams, their appearance and shape are the same as linear diagrams, and the difference between these diagrams is that in area diagrams, the area of ​​each part Of course, there is another type of area chart called 3D area charts which will be introduced in the next section.

Three-dimensional area chart: In these charts, the data is displayed in three dimensions, and when you have a lot of data and you want to show it on the chart with its function, the best type of charts is to use three-area area charts. It is next and by displaying different information, it makes it possible for the user to easily access different parts of the chart.

So now you are familiar with the types of charts that exist in the Excel environment and you can select any of them if necessary so that you can draw charts in this environment to use it in the following content Introduced to pay.

Draw a chart in Excel

Draw a chart in Excel

Draw a chart in Excel – In order to be able to easily draw your charts in Excel, you must first select the cell in which you want your data to be placed. The way to select it is to click on the desired cell to make that cell selected for you. Keep in mind that it is better to select your selected cell from the part that has the title of each row and each column, because the selected cells will be one of the main sources of data to display graphs.

In the next step, to draw your chart, you have to go to the insert menu and note that this menu is located at the top of the Excel environment, and by selecting it, there is a section called Charts, which by selecting it and clicking on those charts. It is displayed and you can select the type of chart you want from this section and immediately after clicking on it, select the chart immediately.Draw a chart in Excel

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