Desktop calendar design

Desktop calendar design


Desktop calendar design

Desktop calendar design is one of the designs that due to the fact that desktop calendars are very beautiful and unique in terms of appearance and function, so that in any office and work environment you visit You can rarely see an environment without desktop calendars.

A very important point about desktop calendars is that these calendars usually have the logo, name, brand and brand of the manufacturer of a business on them, which they advertise and do this advertisement completely free of charge. And it is used for long days.

Therefore, in order to be able to design a suitable desktop calendar and get a free advertisement for your business through it, you must have done your best to design it, use it and put your logo and brand on it. You have done this in the best possible way.

Calendar designs also have principles and rules that every user and creator of a business who wants to design a desktop calendar should pay attention to these things in their profession to design it, because with a predetermined plan must Design a desktop calendar so that you have a way of getting to where you are currently in business and the days when you had strategies, or for people who use your calendar. What message will it give and consider many other things that exist for the principles of desktop calendar design and then proceed to design it with all these items.

In general, considering all the things that exist for designing calendars, now in order to be able to design a very beautiful desktop calendar in a way that has all the remarkable items and important features, now to draw it. In Photoshop software, you can use the tutorials in this section and design a very beautiful desktop calendar.
In all the steps that are provided for you to learn how to design desktop calendars, we have provided these steps step by step, so that any user can easily design by referring to this tutorial and using its steps.

Desktop calendar design

Learn the steps of desktop calendar design in Photoshop software

Many users can easily use Photoshop software and its features for their important designs or editing their images, now using the tutorial in this section. You can easily design a desktop calendar in a few simple steps, after which you can print the designed file or even use it digitally. Therefore, you should note that the steps are very simple. It is the only thing that is needed in this part and in general in all the different parts that you use Photoshop, it needs to be repeated and practiced constantly so that you can gain enough skills and mastery. We will teach you desktop calendars step by step.

The first step is to create the initial document and guidelines

Desktop calendar design – So in order to be able to design your desktop calendar in the best possible way, first by opening Photoshop software and then through the various methods that exist to create a document, you can create a new document that can be done with the keys The control and N and their simultaneous selection did this so that in the window displayed for it you have to select the dimensions appropriate for this document in such a way that it is the size of a desktop calendar. So it is better that In the width section, which includes the width, place it on 9 inches or its equivalent is 22/86 cm, and its height, which is the Height option, is 6 inches or 24/15 cm, and Set the image resolution to 300 pixels per inch in this area, which includes the resolution option.

Desktop calendar design

A noteworthy point in this section and the user should pay attention to it while creating his new document is for cases where the user has designed his desktop calendar in Photoshop software to print it, so in This section for users who finally print their desktop calendar should click on the color mode in the section that includes color mode, then put this section on CMYK, and finally on the option Click create to create the document they want.

Desktop calendar design

Now by choosing the exact size of your desktop calendar, it should be said that the file you created is exactly the same as a desktop calendar, but the point is that the margins of this file should be considered for cutting, so in This section should create guidelines for your file, then after creating these guidelines, the file size should be increased so that you can create cut margins on it. Of course, there is another method. And it can be done in such a way that for this method we could first enlarge the desired file and then put the guide lines inside it, but considering that the first method is simpler, so We also do this through the first method.

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