Curved text in Photoshop

Curved writing in Photoshop


Curved writing in Photoshop

Curved writing in Photoshop is one of the tricks and features that many users should be familiar with, especially people who use Photoshop in various graphic fields.One of the most important uses of this trick is for people who design business cards that can be carefully read for the tutorials that we have provided below so that it can be easily used. He took advantage of this trick.

Using interesting Photoshop tricks will increase your attractiveness and efficiency many times over, and if you do graphic work, you can easily create many different examples for yourself.In fact, if you look at many logos, especially the old logos, in some of which older designs have been used, they have curved texts that many users of this question by looking at these texts. Here’s how to put one together for use with your Photoshop text.

Curved writing in Photoshop – Now, in this article and the content that has been included, we have included tutorials that can be used to write your text in a curved way, and with the features that exist in Photoshop, using them to make writing more attractive. Becomes yours.Therefore, in this section, we will teach you how to write curved and wavy texts, which can be used to easily create curved and wavy texts in your designs.

A very important point in this section, and before we teach you how to write curved and wavy texts, it should be noted that using the trick that is placed in this section causes Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Photoshop.In fact, by using this trick and using Photoshop tools, it makes it possible to easily create this type of curved text through them and using them together, so be very careful with applications and Familiarize yourself with the tools so that they can be used in other types of applications as well.

Curved writing in Photoshop

Learn how to write curved in Photoshop

Curved writing in Photoshop – In order to be able to create your text in a crooked and crooked way on your files and projects, you must first use a geometric shape tool called the shape tool to design a kind of geometric shape on your project.In fact, according to the type of application of this tool, you should right-click on it in the part of the tool menu and select one of its suggested designs in the form of circles, rectangles and many other designs. Choose, our recommendation is to select the circle, because selecting the circle will cause your text to be typed in a curved way, like the circle.

After selecting the desired shape from this tool, in the part where you want to create the text, you have to draw the desired circle or other desired geometric shape, which is enough to draw it with the mouse in a part of Insert a page and click on it.Then continue without dragging the mouse and dragging it without releasing your mouse as far as you want your shape to be drawn, and this action will cause your text to actually be created around the circle, and after drawing the shape Release the mouse.

Now in the next step, you must select another tool in the tools menu to continue the steps. The above tool includes a text and typing tool, which is called a text tool or a type tool. Finally, you must use this tool. Select and click on it.In the next step, the user must move their mouse closer to it by selecting the typing tool on their project, which has been drawn using the shape tool, so that your mouse cursor will be transformed into a diagonal line near the desired shape.

Curved writing in Photoshop

Curved writing in Photoshop

Immediately after your mouse cursor changes to a diagonal line, you should now click on the part of the shape you want to write your text into.Then it is observed that the desired shape becomes like a typing tool in which you can write your own text. If you notice while typing your text you see that the text can be written around the shape. Write the desired and after typing and writing it, the curved shape of the text can be seen.

Curved writing in Photoshop – In order to see only the text in our project, we should not keep the shape that we initially chose and wrote the text around it in our project, in fact, we should keep the shape of the result that caused it. Deleted your text to be written.So, to remove the above shape, you can proceed from the layer panel on the right, which by selecting the desired shape layer, you must visually disable it, so that the desired shape layer is deactivated and in The project is deleted.

Of course, there is another way to remove the desired shape from your project, so that its layer can be removed directly from the Layers panel, to remove it by right-clicking on the desired layer And then selecting the delete option will cause the layer in question to be deleted, leaving only your text and other layers in the text.

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