Creating tears in Photoshop

Creating tears in Photoshop


Creating tears in Photoshop

Creating tears in Photoshop is one of the most interesting tricks that many users use to create tears in their images. To use the tutorials in this section, which has a very simple and easy method and there is no special complexity in it, the user can use them, and especially for users who are also beginners, they can easily learn how to do it and Benefit from the necessary training so that they can easily perform the steps of creating and putting tears on the face so that it is completely natural.

Creating artificial tears in the image so that it is designed to be completely natural will make your image more beautiful, but if you put artificial tears in your image that do not have a beautiful effect, it will also lose the charm in the image.Therefore, in order to be able to put tears and water drops on the face, it is better to use this method several times repeatedly and with a lot of practice, then try to put artificial tears on your pictures. Because this method, as simple and easy as it is, at the same time requires a skill and mastery that can not cause natural tears on the face until the user has acquired this skill.

The tutorials that we have put in this section to create tears and water drops on the image have several steps that the user can use step by step and in the form of images, so that by placing It can create a completely natural effect of tears for your image on the face and using various tools that are necessary for this.

Creating tears in Photoshop

How to create and create tears in Photoshop

Creating tears in Photoshop – Therefore, to start the process and create tears on your images, first the user must run the Photoshop software, then put his desired image in Photoshop. Note that to create tears on your face, you must Choose a suitable image and make it so that your face is completely clear and visible so that tears can be easily placed in this part.Due to this, avoid placing images in which the person’s face is not clear, because it makes it more difficult for you, or you can practice and find images on the Internet by finding and placing images. Do this in Photoshop.

Now in the following steps, after placing your image in Photoshop, the user must create a new layer so that you can put the changes you make in your image in the new layer. How to create the layer? It is in this way that by referring to the layers panel and selecting the new layaer icon, it will create a new layer for you, then by selecting it, you can refer to the continuation of the steps.

Next, you must go to the tool menu in Photoshop software to select the pen tool, so that in this section, using this tool, you can draw a teardrop shape on your image, like painting, so that its colored shape is such that It should not be completely symmetrical because it loses its natural state when it is symmetrical and is shown as a completely artificial image.

Creating tears in Photoshop

After this action, you should paint the tear you have drawn by selecting the painting tools inside it and also choose the color black so that the desired changes can be made to turn it into a natural tear on it, so Use the tools in Photoshop to paint the inside.

Now, after the relevant actions, the user must change the state of his layer, which can be changed in such a way that by referring to the layers menu, this action can be done and finally change your layer to the screen mode. Immediately after that, refer to the blending options section, in which the user must select the drop shadow, inner shadow, inner glow, bevel and emboss, gradient overlay options.

Creating tears in Photoshop – Then, after making and selecting the desired options, you can immediately see the result on your image, but the result that is placed in it is still blurry and unnatural, so that it can be Make the tears real in this part. It is necessary to put a light or a reflection on it.

So for this purpose, you have to select the pen tool again and set its size to one pixel, and by creating a new layer using this tool, by selecting the white color, create a number of dots on the desired tear. Finally, you can immediately see the result in the image.

But still, by creating and placing these points, its effect on the image is unnatural, so then you have to go to the filter menu in this section, you must select the blur option, which causes the white dots to be white. Will fade to some extent and eventually display your image in a completely natural way.Using the methods mentioned in this section, all users can easily use it and benefit from the tutorials to create tears in Photoshop, so that they can make any changes to the image through the comprehensive tutorials in this section.

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