Shape making tutorial

Creating a shape in Photoshop


Creating a shape in Photoshop

Creating a shape in Photoshop is one of the parts of Photoshop software that can be used to easily register different geometric shapes and forms that have different types for your files and documents. We have taught you how to add it to your files and documents. To learn this, you can try it on your Photoshop at the same time by reading this article, in order to get acquainted with the geometric shapes in Photoshop. Become.

In fact, one of the most important features that can be encountered in Photoshop is using its software for geometric shapes, which many people think that Photoshop is only for editing photos. People who work professionally with Photoshop software, despite the different parts it has in Photoshop, easily create beautiful files that can be used to create other important documents through geometric shapes.

Learn how to make shapes in Photoshop and create geometric shapes

Creating a shape in Photoshop – Considering that Photoshop software is one of the most widely used and popular software among graphic users, designers and other people, it has a very important section that includes geometric shapes or shapes. These shapes It can be introduced as geometric shapes that Photoshop itself has ready to put inside and can be used for your images and files.

Creating a shape in Photoshop

In fact, it can be said that shapes are a kind of special images of graphic files that these images themselves are created and made based on mathematical equations. One of the important features that exist in this type of geometric shapes in this tool. It includes selecting them and making changes and features on them, based on which other desired settings can be created in any of these forms.

In other words, it can be said that one of the most important parts of Photoshop is this part, which can be used by the user to easily create and create many different designs and shapes in his images. To be able to become specialized with this tool and to be able to create different shapes through it, this skill should be achieved with the tutorials that are included in the following article.

Note that these geometric shapes or shapes, due to the usefulness and applicability of their type of tool, it should be said that the format provided by this type of shape is CSH that the user can use them in their projects. To make it bigger or smaller without changing their quality and reducing their quality. Now to choose this type of tool, you must first create your project in Photoshop so that any shape and image that You want to do or even do the text you want to create in your project, and then you have to select this tool from the tool menu on the left side of Photoshop.

Creating a shape in Photoshop

Therefore, the option and tool that is related to geometric shapes and is located on the left side of the menu tool and includes the shape of a square, the option of which is the Ellipse Tool and the square on which it is located.

Creating a shape in Photoshop – By default, the geometric shape that the image gives you is the same as the square shape. In fact, if you select this tool and drag and drag it in your project, you will see that the image is square in size. The different ones that you choose will be drawn for you. By referring to this tool and right-clicking on it, you can see other other shapes that it shows you, and select any of them if you wish. Of course, when you select this tool, other shapes will be displayed for people in the top menu. It can be said that by selecting this tool, other shapes that exist for it will be displayed in a bar lower than the main menu. In this section, people can choose any of the desired shapes.

Creating a shape in Photoshop

The shortcut option for selecting this type of tool also includes selecting the U key from the keyboard. By selecting it, this type of tool will be selected for you quickly and you can drag it on your project. .If you do not want to use the shapes provided in this section and the other shapes available in Photoshop are for you, you can use all the shapes for you in the cases created under the main menu. Displays next to the desired shapes and in the middle of the menu there is an option that is geometrically an arrow to the right that can be selected and clicked on. Now you will see that various other shapes You will be shown that you can select one of them and use them on your image and draw.

Creating a shape in Photoshop – This is the settings menu of the desired tool, which is created under the main menu and includes the desired settings of this tool. In the last part, there is a color option through which you can change the color of your geometric shapes. And create a custom color in them. In fact, if you select this option, in the window that shows you, select your desired color and then click ok.

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