Create round photo frames

Create round photo frames


Create round photo frames

Create round photo framesCreating a frame around the photo is another feature that by adding it to the user’s images, it creates a visual appeal to the images. This action and placing the frame and margins around the images by the user can be done using a soft Photoshop software or any other editing software designed for graphic software can be done and provides the user with this action so that you can easily put the most beautiful effect for your image and to this Attract the viewers’ opinions to your image.

In general, adding frames and margins to images creates different applications for the user, meaning that a number of people aim to use framed images to place their image in social software and In general, the use of these images to place them in this software.Or when some users decide to print their image, they also use the box and after placing the box around their pictures, which is different depending on the needs of users and people can use the important features of the software. Make the most of Photoshop for your images.

Create round photo frames

Now, easily and according to the tutorials in this section, everyone can add a very beautiful and stylish effect to their image by using frames and borders around their photo. They can use this action if all the steps related to it have been done in the correct order so that it can be used correctly.

So in order to be able to do these steps correctly, just do the following steps that are completely accurate and correct so that you can use the result through how to teach it, but note that this method at first It allows users to use it to be confused, but if they use this method correctly, they can easily master it.Using margins around the original image creates a layered effect around it that the user can specify as much diameter as they want to fit. Get the base of the desired size around the border of your image and create it.

Steps to create a photo frame using Photoshop software

Create round photo frames – In order for the user to be able to place the margins and the frame in his images with the desired size and to color it in any color he wants, he must first run Photoshop software and the desired image and Put your favorite in this software that to put your image in Photoshop software, you can do this by referring to the file menu and selecting the open option, or by using the combination keys and o as an option. The time of these two keys can be used and thus put your image in Photoshop.

When you run your image in Photoshop, to create a border around your image, it is better to immediately shrink the image by zooming in to provide more space for your work. Capture the image in such a way that the user keeps his finger on the alt key of your keyboard, then scroll down with your mouse to immediately see your image is reduced and can be set.

Create round photo frames

The first step is to change the background layer

Now for the initial stage of your image, if you enter the Layers panel, you can see the background layer in this section, which also has a lock that is placed next to it and the user must click on it. To open the desired lock, clicking on it will display a small window, and finally you must select the ok option in this section.There is a point that should be noted and to unlock the lock next to the background layer, the user can change the name of the layer to remove the lock, so pay attention to this. Of course, there are other ways to unlock the background layer that the user can drag by dragging it to the trash can icon.

Create round photo frames

In this way, it can be unlocked and the best way that the user can use it to convert his background layer as an editable layer is to go to the layers menu and select the new option, which is as follows: It should select the layer from background option, then in the window displayed, click on the ok option, so that with the new layer created, the user can easily change the size and frame of his photo in different colors. .

Create round photo frames – This is because when your background layer is unlocked, if we add other layers to this image, we will move them all below this layer, so this will cause To be able to put other layers on your image and view them.Note that if you have executed the image in this section and put edits on it that have a number of layers in it, first the user to be able to use the margins in the continuation of the steps. The image itself must be transformed into the desired layers

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