Creating fog in images

Create fog in images


Create fog in images

Creating fog in images is one of the fundamental changes in images that you do not need to be a professional designer or graphic artist to use it in your images. Rather, any type of user who is a beginner Has also used Photoshop software can easily use these special effects in their images, and according to the simple and easy tutorials that exist to learn it, in this section, we also teach you how to place the effects. We put the fog in the pictures for you using Photoshop software.

Many times, users face this problem while taking pictures of beautiful and natural landscapes, which due to the type of weather in the area, it can not be shown well in their pictures.

There is no need to worry to solve this problem, and by using the tricks in Photoshop and the tutorial that we have provided for you, you can easily create rain and fog effects in your images, or you can even create these effects. Take a picture of yourself and so that a sunny image can be turned into a rainy and foggy image. You can also turn a foggy and rainy image into a sunny image, given that using soft Photoshop software can easily do these things.

It should be said that this software is one of the best graphic software in designing and editing images among users, so stay tuned with us now so that we can create special effects of foggy weather on images. Note that before we start to put foggy effects on our images, it should be noted that to put effects and effects in your images in Photoshop software solutions There are different and each user can use one of these methods for their images.

Create fog in images

Learn how to create fog in images and introduce its steps

Creating fog in images – Even now, considering that Photoshop software is one of the most powerful tools that has several solutions for each type of image editing, we also introduce you to one of the quick and easy ways in this section. You can easily create beautiful effects for your images.

first stage

The first step of this method is image selection, which after running Photoshop software by selecting the control keys and o and selecting the two at the same time, causes you to select your image in the displayed window and save it in software. Run Photoshop software for you.

Now, to start the process of change and necessary changes on the image, you should pay attention to a few basic points, so that the image you selected in this section should be set to RGB color mode and style and 8 bits / channel To put this on the image, you can go to the image menu in the menu in Photoshop, and in this section, refer to the image mode section, and in the list displayed for those items, you must select And enable it.

Creating fog in images – Another thing that you should pay attention to and observe in this section is to get the most appropriate type of result from the photo, it is better to set the width of your image to 2000 pixels. For this review, you can also Go to the image menu again and in the image size section, check the width of your image in this section and if it is low, set it to 2000 pixels.

Finally, the next item that should be checked in this section is for the background layer of the image, which should actually be our layer in the background layer, and if not, by referring to the Layers menu in this section, you should Select the new option and then select the background from layer option, this will cause your image to be placed on this layer.

After checking the above, you should go to the Windows menu in the main menu of Photoshop, then select the action option in this section, and then click on the menu icon, which is located at the top right and top of it. So that you can select the new set option in this section and it will create a new set for which you can also choose a name of your choice, and in this section we will also select the name F on it.

Create fog in images

second stage

Creating fog in images – In the next step, the user must create a new layer, which for this action must refer to the layers panel, and in this section, by selecting the icon and the new layer option, it will cause a new layer to be created for you, and in It is also placed on top of the previous layer.

Or you can create a new layer by referring to the Layers menu and selecting the new option in this section and in the next section by selecting the laye option, and its name can also be selected as desired. It is better to choose a separate name for it so that in case of further changes, do not confuse this layer with other layers. We also name it b as desired. This action causes a Create a base layer on which to distinguish the subject of your image, and it can be said that the layer created is to create a base layer.

third level

This step is to select the brush tool and the appropriate size for it. The user must select the brush tool or can select the B key from their keyboard directly.

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