Cartoonize photos

Convert photos to cartoons


Convert photos to cartoons

Convert photos to cartoons is one of the important features that many users try to convert images and characters in their photos into cartoon characters, which can be easily done through Photoshop software and according to the features in this software can be done.

Due to the fact that Photoshop software has suitable tools for editing images and photos, so that through it, by applying various filters and effects, cartoon effects can also be applied. Apply to your images, and using these methods and interpreting the different characters that can be created on the images does not require a lot of experience or skill or complex methods.

Only by using the method introduced in this section, you can easily turn a person’s appearance into a cartoon character despite the steps. These steps, which are very simple and short, make it possible to do so in the shortest possible time. Created cartoon characters.

Convert photos to cartoons – Of course, the point is that people who are interested in editing photos and these features can easily download them with the various software available and on systems and mobile phones. Install themselves and they can create and use many roles for cartoon characters and use them to turn their photos into beautiful cartoon images.

Convert photos to cartoons

Now, considering these cases, in this section, we have introduced turning a photo into a cartoon character using Photoshop software, which is one of the most common and widely used software among non-users, and there are few people who can be found. He is not familiar with this software or has not installed it on his system, so follow the steps we have provided for you so that you can use it to create beautiful cartoon images.

Learn the steps of cartooning an image and turning a photo into a cartoon

Convert photos to cartoons – In order to be able to turn your images into cartoon images or to create a completely new cartoon image in Photoshop software, you need to use light colors, dark lines and designs, and make changes and adjustments in colors and blur the image. In order to create a cartoon character in this way.

So to do this, you must first start with a photo that has a simple background, because if the background of your images is crowded and irregular, you have to turn your image into a cartoon character after Change the background of the image and turn it into a simple background.So choosing an image with a simple background makes it easier for you to create cartoon characters, but if you have images available that are not simple and you only have these images, you can do it after cartooning. Its character has simplified the background and there is no need to worry about this issue.

First, in order to be able to convert your images into cartoons, you have to run Photoshop software, after selecting the file option, you have to select the open option, and through this, in the window that is displayed for you, the image Select the one you need and run it in Photoshop.Of course, there are other ways to run and open your own images in Photoshop that can be done using any of the methods you want to choose and with which you are more comfortable, which is the most common type of method. It also uses its keyboard shortcuts, which include control keys along with the o key.

Convert photos to cartoons

The first step is to change the color of the image to convert the photo to a cartoon

Due to the fact that the images in Photoshop are saved in different color modes or are displayed in different color modes, you should choose a suitable color style for your images in this section, because different color styles for images. Which are digital are one type and for images they are used for printing are another type.

Convert photos to cartoons – Now, considering the tools that are available in Photoshop and make edits on your image by selecting any of them, it should be noted that some of these tools are only of one color mode. Which includes RGB color style and also supports 8-bit and some tools can be used on this category of images.

So first you have to open the image in Photoshop in order to turn it into a drawing and cartoon, since you do not need additional colors, you have to change the color mode of this image. It exists in Photoshop and is introduced as the main menu of this software. Refer to the image section and by clicking on it, in the next menu, refer to the mode option, and in the displayed menu, you should check the two RGB and Also, select the 8-bit option and activate them, and after activating the tick options, we will continue the steps.

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