Computer sound card

Computer sound card


Computer sound card

Computer sound card is one of the hardware parts of computers, which also plays a very important role in the computer, because using this sound card causes the sound to be played as well as the sounds to be recorded.Considering that there is a noticeable difference in today’s computers compared to other old computers, it is that in old computers, for the sounds that can be played from the computer or record the user’s voice, an internal speaker is used in the computer. Yes, but today this feature has changed and sound cards are used instead.

In fact, sound cards, using their special function, allow users to use audio inputs and outputs, and its most common use is for audio output from a computer to users.To better introduce sound cards, it can be said that in the beginning, sound cards were one of the devices that were also called one-dimensional computers, and their task was to receive information and convert it into signals and sounds. Be.

Given that in early computers all the parts and actions that were done on it, the focus of its creators was on displaying information on the output, they did not pay attention to its distribution and sound production.Therefore, one of the main members in computers is the lack of a part that plays the desired sound of users or view audio outputs from it.

Gradually, with the advancement of technology, this weakness of computers was eliminated by using sound cards. Although sound cards were very simple in the beginning and had very short functions, but today, due to its different types, it can be easily It also used its various functions to very complex levels.

Computer sound card

What is a computer sound card?

Sound card is one of the components that is less important in computers and even the presence or absence of sound cards that are a separate type is not known to many users and in fact of the existing sound cards They do not have much information on the computer.

When the first computers were produced and made available to users, due to the great disadvantages that existed in it, including the lack of advanced sound of computers, which was not possible in the early computers.Therefore, their manufacturers realized the lack of user needs and quickly began to produce new technologies to use them in their computers in order to create the ability to play audio on computers.

Therefore, according to the process that caused the sound card to be made and produced, it can be said that sound cards are intermediate circuits, which include tasks such as converting the received digital signals into analog signals. is.In fact, it can be said that the main task of sound cards is to prepare the signal to be played through the speaker and also to receive the input signal through the microphone.

Of course, another important feature that exists in sound cards and this has led to the emergence of different types of sound cards, including the ability to reduce the delay in sound production, which is very noticeable in advanced sound cards. It has caused various types of sound cards.

Sound cards that are produced today, due to their appearance through computer slots or slots in the parts that are placed on the board, are placed on the board and installed on computers. New These sound cards are produced as chips and placed on the main boards.

Due to the fact that old computers did not use sound cards, at first, these computers used speakers that had a very simple appearance and their ability to produce short beeps, which The speakers were also built-in and placed on the main board of computers.Currently, the produced sound cards that are available to users have different sections and parts, which can be followed by us to introduce these different sections.

Computer sound card

Introduction of different parts of computer sound card

Computer sound card – The sound card on computers has different parts, including a processor of digital signals called DSP, which is the task and responsibility of this part. Is used to perform more operations and calculations.

In fact, it can be said that the task of this department is to process and execute operations.

Other parts of the sound card include the DAC, which is also a converter that converts the received digital to analog. In fact, it can be said that the task of this part is to convert the audio information stored in the computer. The next part includes ADS, which is also an analog-to-digital converter that is used for other sounds coming from the computer, in other words, its function is to store audio. Input to the computer is in the form of digital informationThe other part of the sound cards is the connectors they need, which are used to connect to speakers or even microphones.

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