Computer network card

Computer network card


Computer network card

a computer network card is one of the components that, by connecting and connecting it to the computer, have roles and tasks, in this section, we will introduce all its roles as well as introduce the network card. This type of card, which is an important component of computers, and knowledge of what a network card is and what applications it can have for users in their systems, as well as knowledge of its tasks and roles, can be useful. So that by identifying its different types, you can easily choose the best type.

In fact, using a network card, you will easily connect to the Internet and you can easily surf the Internet in the Internet space, so according to the brief explanation that was given in relation to the network card, we will introduce it in general.

What is a computer network card?

Given the name for this type of card, it is easy to understand that it is designed to connect the computer to the Internet or local networks, which can be installed on any type of smart device to take advantage of other benefits. Mand.

Note that the network card is not only connected to computers and can be used on many appliances and devices, including washing machines and refrigerators or any other intelligent device. By connecting this type of card to it, the desired device can be easily connected to the Internet. In fact, the network card, considering that it is a very important type of hardware tool, nevertheless causes all computers on the network that have a network card.]

Provide a connection between the computer and the transmission environment such as fiber optics or copper cable, and it can be said that its presence in computers is also necessary and leads to the implementation of computer networks.

Computer network card

Computer network card

Computer network card – In other words, it can be said that the network card is like an intermediary that provides communication between networks and computers. Now, the type of communication that occurs between these networks and the computer has different types For example, you can introduce a cable network, Ethernet network, wireless network, or even a Wi-Fi network.

Significantly, most computers are now equipped with a network card, meaning that the network card is connected to their board and users do not need to install the network card on it. The network card can be called by various names, including network adapter or other names for it, including the NIC, as well as the network card, which is the acronym NIC for network interface card, which also means card. Is a network interface. Depending on the type of hardware, the network card is inserted into the part of the computer board that contains the expansion slots, so that the benefits can be used on your computers.

Some network cards are wired, in which case these cards are the connection between network cables, whose signal is also electrical, with computers. Also, if it is wireless, which means that it is wireless, this type of card acts as an interface between the electromagnetic waves and the computer, which is more commonly used in laptops.

It can be said that network cards in computers receive data and according to the processes they perform on them, they send them to the central processing unit of computers and perform the desired processing in this section. They then send the data, which are like packets, to their destination.

Therefore, it can be said that if a person’s system does not have a network card, it can not be connected to the Internet or network. In fact, the network card is one of the requirements by which one can browse the web and connect to the Internet.

Computer network card

What is a computer network card like?

Computer network card – In most computers, the network card is the main part of the computer board, which is built-in, and next to it, other network cards can be added to increase and improve the performance of the computer and use it. win. Network card hardware can be described as having a central core in the network card, also called the control chip, whose job is to have all the data sent. And coordinates the receipt.

On network cards, there are two lights, also called lamps, whose lights include an LED lamp that is placed on the card, and this name is located next to the RJ-45 network port.

Note that in network cards, the colors of the lights are different, and not all network cards use the same color. Normally, one of the lamps is displayed steadily, the other lamp is blinking, and the blinking of light means that the data is exchanged between the computer and the network. In fact, this blinking means exchanging on its surface.

There are different types of network cards, which we will refer to in the following sections, and according to the different samples, each of the network cards can be selected and purchased if needed.

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