Color change in Photoshop

Color change in Photoshop


Color change in Photoshop

Color change in Photoshop Changing colors in Photoshop is one of the most convenient methods in Photoshop through which users can easily convert their black and white images to color photos, and this is the case for old images that are black and white. They can be easily used.Therefore, the best software that has been introduced for graphic editing and through which you can create colored images include Photoshop software and its tools, but this does not mean that coloring images only for black images and It is white because this method is mostly used for black and white images, but it has many other uses that we will introduce all of them in the following.

According to the above description, using the tools available in Photoshop, the user can easily change the color of a specific part of their image or change its background. This color change can be used for all objects in the image. And have been introduced as one of the quick tricks that can be used to change the color in Photoshop software and the user can easily use them to change the entire color of the image or the color of existing components. Changes the image one by one.

So if you are one of the users who want to change the color of your image to other colors, how to do this method can be continued using the tools that we have introduced training methods from it Use and simply change the color of your photos and images to any color.

Learn how to change colors in Photoshop

Color change in Photoshop – In order to be able to apply color change in your images, first the user must open the Photoshop software and put his image in this software, and now he must follow all the steps introduced in the following one by one. Arrange the order on your image carefully so that the desired part of your image changes color.

Color change in Photoshop

The first step is to change the color of the images

After you have executed your desired image in Photoshop software, now the user must select the desired part using the tools available in Photoshop. There are many tools to select a part of the image that can be selected. In this section, we do this using the quick selection tool, and by referring to the tool menu in the toolbox, you can easily select the desired tool from this section, then in the part of your image that you want You have to change its color by dragging on it to select the desired part.An important feature of using this tool is that after dragging it in the selected image range, it causes the object in the image to be selected quite intelligently, so refer to the next section to continue the steps.

Color change in Photoshop 

Now the user should refer to the Layers panel and in this section click on the icon of create new fill or adjustment layer and select it in this way to show it to you later. In this section you have to Select the solid color option, and finally, after the solid color window opens for you, which is the color tool window, you will see where you can select your desired color, and if you notice, your mouse pointer It is activated completely automatically as a dropper tool and you can use this dropper to sample the desired color from parts of your image and apply it on the selected part, otherwise If you have your favorite color code, you can enter it in the field for the color code, or you can even select the desired color from the colors field. Finally, after selecting your desired color, you must click on the option. Click ok in your window to immediately see the object in your image completely retrieves the selected color. Brought.

The third stage

Color change in Photoshop – Now select your layer, then in the Layers panel, in the section where the blending mode for the layer is set, go to this section and select the slider option and set it to the hue option. The important thing is that the user can also select the color option in this section, and the difference between the two options makes the result of your image look completely different. To inform the user of the difference between these two options, you can test each of them and use any of them if you wish.

Color change in Photoshop

Immediately after the action done in this section, notice that the color of your image changes and in fact your selected image absorbs the color and makes the color look more natural and is one of the major benefits. In this method, the user can use this method in coloring digital paintings and designs that are black and white.

The second method is to change the color in Photoshop using the Hue / saturation tool

Using the tools introduced in the previous method, the user could use one or two color color ranges, which may not look natural as you changed your image, so the colors in it do not look natural, so In these cases, it is better to have the feature and capability available in the Hue / saturation tool

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