cmd in Windows 10

cmd in Windows 10


cmd in Windows 10

cmd in Windows 10 is one of the most useful windows and pages in Windows 10, which can easily be used to speed up your affairs and tasks. Access to this window is possible for people in many different ways in Windows 10, and by using them and implementing any of the above methods, people can access this important part. These methods and their use have been suggested in Windows 10, and in previous Windows, including Windows 7 and 8, it is possible that some of them will not run. In general, this part of the operating system is very useful. Of course, some people believe that this part has had more efficiency and applications in the past than today. However, in this section, we have described the different methods that can be referred to this page and section in Windows 10.

How to open cmd environment in Windows 10

cmd in Windows 10 – To open the cmd environment in Windows 10, you can refer to this page using any of the methods described below.Open the cmd window using the key combination win as well as people running Windows 10 on their operating systems can see the Command Prompt window, also called the Command Prompt (Admin) window, by combining their keyboard keys, which include the win key with the x key. In the menu that appears, which is located on the left side of your monitor screen, and there is this option, select it and refer to it.

cmd in Windows 10

Open the cmd environment window using Administrator and Admin mode

To use this method, you must first open the Task Manager as well as your file menu, and then select the Run New Task option, and then you must select the cmd command code or another form that includes cmd.exe Enter in this field and then select the ok option.You will now see the cmd environment page in this section, and you can use this option to view this environment as a section and the Administrator tool.Therefore, up to this stage, as a reference and open the cmd environment window using the Administrator tool, to use and refer to this window using the admin mode, you only need to act in such a way that all this method to this step Run the statement in your window environment and the only difference with the previous part is in the next point.Therefore, to open the window using the admin modem, you must continue all the steps before using the control key to finally open the Command Prompt using the admin mode.

Open the Command Prompt page using the search section

One of the simplest and easiest methods that can be used to open the Command Prompt window and as a use of this method is to use the word cmd in the search box of your Windows environment. After displaying its icon in the menu that appears, it can be selected and transferred to its page.Open the Command Prompt window using the all apps option

Another way to open is to go to the Command Prompt window for people and users who use the Windows operating system more professionally. They also want to refer to this section using the above steps, including the all apps option. To use this option, you must select the option that includes all apps in your Windows environment, and in another section to which you have been transferred using the above option, the Windows folder Select System and then select the Command Prompt option in this section and then you will see that you are referred to this environment. This option and section can be introduced in such a way that it includes one of the very special sections that people and users can refer to this environment and admin mode using the software section and display it for themselves.

cmd in Windows 10

Open the Command Prompt window and environment using File Explorer

Another way in this section to appear in the Command Prompt window is to use your system file explorer, to use it you must first refer to this section and then in this environment, you must use the command code C: \ Windows \ Enter System32. Then, after entering the above command code, you should look for cmd.exe in this section that is displayed for you, and right-click on it and you will see that this environment and window will be displayed for you.

Open the Command Prompt window using the Explorer address bar

Another way to open this window is by using the Explorer address bar. In order for people to use this method, they must enter the phrase cmd in the search box after referring to their Windows Explorer section, and then the Command window. They will see the prompt and then they can use it to execute this part.Therefore, using the methods mentioned in this section, only a small number of them, people can open the Command Prompt environment and window in their Windows and use it to take appropriate action. Note, however, that in this section, only a small number of cases can be used to refer to cmd in Windows 10 and open it for yourself, and it must be said that there are many other methods With their help, people can open this environment and window for themselves.

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