Close the hang program

Close the hang program


Close the hung program

close the hung program is one of the most important steps that has been taken before and in older operating systems, and it is now evident in many systems. There are also ways that people have used to close their software in the past. Now we will introduce a new and better way that can be used to close all the software that has been affected by the regiment.

Of course, in many cases, people could not close the hang programs that were affected by the regiment, and they face problems related to it, and this kind of problem, which has happened to all users at least once, It can be clearly seen.Therefore, in this section, we have dealt with how to close the software that has crashed in the systems. In this section, according to the performance of these methods, the best method and how to use it is introduced, which can be studied in this article.

Close the hung program using the Task Manager tool

Close the hung program – Using the Task Manager tool is one of the fastest ways and actions to close the software in operating systems, which is usually a lot of people use this method to close software that has crashed and can not be used to Continue to use your affairs.To use this method, which is also very simple and easy to use, it is the way that you must first open the Task Manager on your systems and then take the relevant actions.

But to open your Task Manager, which includes two methods and using any of the methods can be opened Task Manager is as follows; In the first method, you can do this using your keyboard keys.To use the keyboard keys to open the Task Manager, select the Esc keys as well as the Shift key along with the Ctrl key and press all three together. In this case, you will see the Task Manager page displayed for you.

Of course, there is another way to display the Task Manager page and you can use this tool using this method is that you have to right-click on your system taskbar. Then select the Task Manager option in the displayed menu. In this case, you will see that using each of the above methods, the menu and the Task Manager tool are displayed for people. Of course, it is necessary to mention a point in this section that it should be said that it can be used to use the second method and display the Task Manager tool for Windows version 10. It is possible that this method can not be used in other versions of Windows.

Close the hang program

In the continuation of the steps and in the next step, you should select the More details option, which is located at the bottom and left of the page, according to the type of Task Manager display, which is displayed in this way in simple user interfaces, and then select the above option. Now in the next section, you must select the Processes option, and now in the section that displays the system programs, search for the software that you are looking for and want to see, and find it. Now, in order to force the relevant software to close, you just have to click on that program in this section, and then after the relevant software is selected and filled, click on the End option at the bottom of the page. And is placed on the right side of the window to select. Alternatively, you can select the End option in this section, which can be done by right-clicking on the desired program and then selecting the End option in the displayed window. By doing this and using these measures, people can easily close the relevant software that has been frozen or so-called regressed, but there is another way to close the regulated software, which is in the next section. It is mentioned.

Close a program that is crashed using the keyboard shortcut keypad

There are times when users get stuck with software in their systems for a long time and people can not close the software by selecting the option to close the program.So rejecting these times is usually the first way that people immediately use it to close the desired programs is to use a shortcut that occurs by combining the keyboard keys.In fact, this method is such that whenever you encounter a program with a hangover and use the option to close the program, you could not close it with the Alt keys and also the F4 key on Select the available keyboards.

In fact, by selecting the combination of these keys, you make it possible to force the relevant software to close it, and after selecting these keys on your keyboard, you will see a box for you. The figure shows the software shutdown and then closes the software. The point here is that it should be mentioned and people should pay close attention to the fact that this shortcut may not work for some people and in their systems and may not have a function with it.

close the hung program

Therefore, in these cases, you should note that this option is active in your systems and you have activated the desired window to use this type of function so that in these cases, you can use it to close the software that does not close. Forced to close. When using this method was not useful for you and did not close the desired program by using it, refer to other methods in this section and use them to schedule your programs. Force. Users are usually forced to close the software when they encounter software that has been removed from the Task Manager tools or by combining their keyboard keys, which include Alt + F4. Therefore, in these methods, it has also had problems, such as not operating the above methods or operating it is facing a lot of time. Now, using another method that is discussed in this section, we can close the software that has been affected, which is accompanied by spending a very short time and with a very high speed of action.

Learn how to close a program using CMDs

Therefore, according to all the above, when you used any of the desired methods to close the programs, and still could not see the program and software.In this case, you have to do this using the CMD command line, and by entering the command code, you will see very quickly that; Without performing any other operation, the desired software will be closed and will be out of the regiment.The method of doing this method is as follows: first, using the methods that exist to enter the Command Prompt environment, refer to this section, and then, after attending it, you must enter the relevant command code, which is as follows: It is referred to enter. Using the command code in this section, you can easily find other software that has been regrouped. In other words, it should be said that the software in question has been frozen, which should be typed after appearing in the Command Prompt environment.

After this, you have entered the said phrase in this field and typed it. Now you have to press the ENTER key on the keyboard to continue the steps.You will now see that a new window is displayed for you to close the software using this section.You have to drag the page down so that in this section you can see all the programs and check them and see the program that has been affected by the regiment in this section.

Close the hang program

Now, after you have seen the relevant software that has been crashed, in the list of all the provided software, you should then type the command code taskkill / im program_name.exe in the desired page, which of course note Note that instead of program_name, you must enter the name of the software that you want to forcefully close. After entering the relevant name of the desired software, select the ENTER key and tap on it, after which you will see that the relevant software is closed by following the said methods in the correct way.

Of course, when you close it successfully, you will see a message stating that the operation was done successfully and successfully and your relevant software was closed, and of course, next to it, there is a processing ID which is PID. And next to it displays the numbers that this identifier is defined and specified by Windows.In this way, and using the above methods, people can easily close programs and software that have problems and problems in Windows and when using them, and the relevant software has been blocked and Continue your business using your systems.

Therefore, in the methods mentioned in this section for closing the software and including the use of three methods, it should be said that it is possible that when you use the first two methods to close the hanged software, this possibility There were times when these methods were not effective for some people and in this case it is not possible to use them to close their programs. Considering the drawbacks of these two basic methods, it should be said that the best method that was discussed in this section, which has a much better performance than the other two methods and also has a higher operating speed, is the use of the third method and Using the cmd environment. Of course, it should be said that in the cmd environment and in this section, using a lot of grammar codes, other actions can be done in this section. It also benefited from the results obtained in this section on its systems.

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