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Character design in Photoshop


Character design in Photoshop

Character design in Photoshop is one of the important features in Photoshop software through which you can easily create very beautiful cartoon characters so that you can create a very attractive entertainment for yourself. In general, it should be said that the character and character is a design that is created by artists, and usually in these characters, a set of favorite traits of the designer is placed in this character, and then after the character in question. It was designed to be used for animations, movies, books or many other things like that.

Note that characters do not only refer to characters that have a human character, but the character can be anything that can be taken from the core of a fruit, for example, or even advanced robots. So the designer is completely free to choose his character, who also wants to turn it into a negative or good character, so there are different categories for characters that the choice of characters depends on the taste of the designers.

In this section, we have introduced educational methods using Photoshop software, through which you can easily create beautiful and practical characters, so that using the tricks introduced in this section, you can easily You can do this using the simple training provided, and it can be used as a job by gaining the necessary skills and a lot of practice in the future.

Character design in Photoshop

In this section, with design tutorials and creating a completely fancy character, we have tried to acquaint you with the tools needed to draw it, and using its very simple method, you can use this type of Photoshop application tools. Use in your design, and a significant point that should be addressed at the very beginning and before the presentation of the tutorials, and also as our recommendation to use it, is that the user is better at the beginning of a design Draw an initial on paper. Then use the scan to scan the original drawing in Photoshop and with a simple design can use the brush tool to draw it and then paint it, and thus It is easy to create a beautiful design.

Character design in Photoshop

Character design in Photoshop – But another method that exists and many designers use this method is to design the mental characters and characters in Photoshop software without having a basic design and with a mental creativity, and according to Because using these two methods is simple, so we have taught you how to use the second method in this section so that you can create your favorite character characters directly in Photoshop software.

Learn how to design characters in Photoshop

Considering that the following are the methods of teaching character design, which also has different methods, and each of them has steps that you can not get the result until you repeat these steps regularly. Come and have enough satisfaction, so in this part, join us to teach you the methods of character design training. In this part, by drawing the face of your character, continue for that hat, ears, body, hands and feet. And we put other details, so first we draw the character’s face.

The first stage

Character design in Photoshop – First, the user must run Photoshop software and then create a new document in this software, the size of the document depends on the user’s choice, but it is better to use documents that are large in size. In this way, it will create a quality image for you, so our recommendation is to create a document that has dimensions of 2000 by 2000 pixels with a white background, which you should create in this section and your document In the following steps, you must first use the control shortcut key and R to activate the rulers in Photoshop and enter them on your document so that the vertical ruler should be in the middle of the image and Place the horizontal ruler in the middle of the image so that the two rulers intersect in the diameter of your image. To place them in the middle of the image, you can also place the line at the top left of your Photoshop desktop screen Click on it and drag it to your page. The reason for this is quite obvious because by placing the rulers in the middle of your image It is made so that in drawing your character, having the details in it, it can be easily compared and different parts can be drawn easily.

Character design in Photoshop

The third stage

Character design in Photoshop – ┬áNow in this section, you should go to the Layers panel and immediately create a new layer. Layers on the right side of the Photoshop desktop. In this section, if it is not active for you, you can go to the Windows menu from the list. Given this option, activate the layer option and check it next to this option, this will cause the layers window to be placed in Photoshop.

The fourth stage

Now at this stage, the user must draw points on his image that cause the initial shape of your character to be drawn, so that you must go to the tool menu in Photoshop in this section to select the pen tool and then you can Draw the shape and create dots in your image

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