Change seasons in Photoshop

Change seasons in Photoshop


Change seasons in Photoshop

Change seasons in Photoshop is one of the actions and methods that many users with pictures taken with mobile cameras or professional cameras tend to make the necessary changes in their image. These changes that can be made on the image include changing the chapter in the image or when they took a photo in the desired chapter, then using the filters in this section. They can use the desired actions to show the chapter in the photo with more brilliance and use the changes in Photoshop for their images.

In order to be able to convert spring images into an autumn image and an autumn image into spring or other seasons in this way, you can easily do this using Photoshop software and use it as well. It has a very simple and convenient method through which users can do this action, and through this, it is easy to create very attractive and interesting images that also have very amazing scenes.

In this section and in this article, with the tutorials that we have provided for you, the user can easily change the state and chapter in his image with just a few simple clicks in such a way that the chapter in the image can be changed. It is beautiful and you can use the required tricks, so in order to benefit from the desired training, stay with us until the end of the article.

Change seasons in Photoshop

Learn how to change seasons in Photoshop and make the necessary changes to the image

Change seasons in Photoshop – In order to be able to change the season that is in your image at the time of your shooting to other seasons and through it to create the seasons of autumn, spring, winter and summer in your image, it is enough to first Run and open Photoshop software Instantly open your image using the methods used to open the image in Photoshop.

One of the common methods used in using and opening an image in Photoshop involves using the combination of control keys and o, which immediately after selecting a window is displayed in which in this section, the desired path of the image should be You are gone and after selecting your photo by clicking ok in this window will make your image run in Photoshop.

There is an important point in this section and it is a recommendation for users, especially for users who are beginners and the desire to read this article and learn it in connection with the change of seasons is needed and it is also recommended for them. Is to select a photo in this section where nature and trees are displayed to feel the season well by changing the smallest amount of changes in the season settings and these changes are quite obvious to you so that with Familiarize yourself with the tricks that have been articulated and introduced to change the chapter. So choosing the image and the type of image to be selected in this section is very important for people and users who are beginners.

Change seasons in Photoshop

Another point that should be considered in this section is that by changing the season in the image, it can be easily changed to spring and autumn or other seasons, and can even be changed according to the amount of colors that In Photoshop, it can be created in pink or other colors that make the image unnatural and actually create a dream image for you.

Change seasons in Photoshop

Finally, to make the necessary changes and settings on your image, first and foremost, you need to create a copy of your image layer, which is also quite simple to copy, and the control keys can be Press j from your keyboard to create a copy of your layer, which is also placed on top of the main layer and can be viewed in the Layers panel.In the following steps, after copying your layer, you should refer to the main menu in Photoshop, which is located at the top of the page, and select the select option from this section, which you can see by clicking on that menu. There are many options in this section, you must select the color range option and click on it.

Change seasons in Photoshop – After that, the resulting windows can be displayed for you. In this section, in the first box that exists, and after clicking on it, you will see a drop-down menu that displays the desired colors in Displays your image In this section, you can select the color theme of your image to Photoshop to export all parts of the image that is in this color for you to be able to make the necessary changes in that part ‌ ها created.In fact, if your image is autumn, you can choose the yellow color in this section to give it the concept to choose all the yellow colors of the image to make this yellow color with the changes that you create. Spring green or other colors change.

Immediately after selecting the desired color and selecting the ok option, you will see that in your image, the parts of the image that were in this color will become the selected mode, and in fact it means that the other changes that are on the image. You create these sections and you will learn about these changes later.

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