Brochure design in Photoshop

Brochure design in Photoshop


Brochure design in Photoshop

Brochure design in Photoshop is another way of advertising organizations and institutions through which they introduce products or services available in their organization, which introduce these items to their customers and print Make instant brochures for your contacts.But to introduce the brochure, we can say that brochures are one of the different types of advertising documents, which have the appearance of having a small booklet that has several pages, as well as various images of manufacturers’ products. And the big companies and other things that exist are included in these brochures.

Brochure design in Photoshop

By introducing different types of brochures to the customer and the tips in them, it will help the audience to buy or choose the product, including the positive features that are in the brochures and attract many Businesses and individuals have been in this position to make it easily accessible.Due to its cost-effectiveness in printing, it is easily provided to the user and the audience, and with its great speed of action in informing the audience, it has caused a very useful and complete information about its business. Offer to the customer as well.

One of the main differences between brochures and leaflets is that the leaflet is used to introduce the product or give a kind of advertising message to the intended audience.And due to the different types of tracts, their size is usually smaller than the brochures that are designed and distributed in public places, and in the brochures, they provide the necessary information about the product to the customer. .To use this information as a guide to choose and buy the product, so brochures and tracts are different and it can not be said that these two types of promotional documents are the same.

Brochure design in Photoshop

One of the most important points for designers and other people who use brochures and it is important and before learning to design a brochure using Photoshop software should pay attention to it is that all the sizes for the brochure Are placed in this section is completely optional.But if you are one of the people who want to design a brochure that you want to print immediately after designing it, you should choose the size of your brochure according to the printing house.

This means that according to the size of the printing house and the type of cut they make on it, this size should be chosen in such a way that when printing it, the contents of the brochure can be easily placed on the whole image. And if your size is different from the size of the printer, it may not print your brochure properly.So before you choose a brochure and according to its size, find out the exact size by the printing house. In the following, we have designed a three-leaf brochure for you according to the different types of brochures that exist, and you can design other types of brochures through training.

Brochure design in Photoshop

Learning to design a brochure in Photoshop and introducing its design steps

Brochure design in Photoshop – To learn how to design different types of brochures in Photoshop software, you can easily design using the steps that are introduced below, but note that brochures themselves have different types and each of them Can also be designed separately in Photoshop.But it should be said that brochures are generally made of a shape that can be introduced to teach their general shape, so to use this tutorial in the continuation of the content you can follow our tutorials.

The first step in designing brochures

In the initial stage of designing a brochure using Photoshop software, you must first run this software, then design a document with dimensions that are 20 cm by 29 cm.Of course, the desired dimensions can be set with the dimensions and size of 11 by 5.8 inches. The only point that plays a very important role is that in this part, you should also set the image resolution to 300 pixels in order to Do not reduce the quality of printing your brochure.

Therefore, in this section, when creating your document, one of the actions that the user must do is to select the color mode and color style of his created document, and for projects that you want to print, you must set your color style on Set CMYK and if you do not print the brochure, you can use it by setting its color mode to RGB.

Brochure design in Photoshop – Now create your document after selecting the items mentioned. Note that the sizes introduced in this section for your document are the size of a4 paper and the user can increase or decrease these sizes if desired, but in general in this We will teach you a brochure the size of A4 paper.Also, in order to determine the design scope and content of your brochure, it is better to create a safe area for your brochure before creating your designs, for which you should place the guide lines on all four sides of your image. .

Therefore, this can be done through the ruler tools, which if the ruler is not located by pressing k

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