Book cover design

Book cover design


Book cover design

Book cover design – Designing a book cover, and teaching how to design it using Photoshop software is one of the most useful and important methods that any type of user can easily benefit from this tutorial can create the most beautiful designs for book covers. Designers can easily create the most diverse and beautiful designs by having a few ideas and using them, as well as applying the technical and technical points required in this area.

In fact, it should be said that a commercial success in the production and distribution of a book occurs when the book cover is beautifully designed, so designing the book cover is one of the most important issues in the success of book distribution among the audience. It plays a very important role. If you as an author are looking for a solution to sell your book well, then you should ask a very skilled and professional designer to design the cover to design the cover of your book. Have the book and ask him for help in creative design. Because by creating a very beautiful design on the cover of your book, it will attract the audience immediately after the book is viewed by the audience. And is introduced as the primary part that plays a great role in influencing the audience.

So if you are one of those people who want to design a book cover and you want to design a beautiful template of the book to offer different samples to your customers, we suggest using and benefiting from the training on how to Designing a book cover in this section is with us so that you can benefit from this training and use your creativity and create the best designs for the book cover.

Book cover design

Learn how to design a book cover in Photoshop software

 Before you design a book cover and do your design through Photoshop software, it is better to pay attention to a series of principles and items that are needed in designing and design with the knowledge of these items. Because if you do not consider these items and create your own design to design the cover of the book, it is possible that the desired design will not be printed properly after printing and the contents are completely included in the design. Have not been published.

The first thing to consider before designing a book cover is whether the designer or user is better off printing the cover for you or the publisher who will do it. Talk to them about the amount of margin needed for the edges of the book cover as well as the cut, and be aware of the diameter of the book and the desired margin to add a section to cut in the image. Determine the color and size of the print and then the size of the book to design the cover of your book. The size of the turn is the part that connects the back cover and the top of the book.

And when you refer to the bookstore, according to the type of arrangement of the books, the first part that is displayed for the audience is the turning point of the book, in which the design should be very beautiful and very important. And by placing the name of the book, the name of the author of the document in a correct and legible way causes it to attract the audience at first glance. Note that all that is said is different for each type of book and this If the designer wants to design a book cover, he must pay attention to the type and number of papers as well as the type of book piece and design according to this information.

 One of the important things to note is that for book cover sizes that are not an exact amount, they usually use a formula to calculate it and according to the formula, consider a size for printing and design. Now. In this section, we have also selected the default sizes for ourselves and according to these sizes, we will design the cover of the book and design our initial document according to these sizes. Size The default options in this section for designing the book cover include the following: we have considered the blade or additional color to be 5 mm and the print size to be 350 mm by 230 mm.

We have also considered the turning of the book to be 30 mm and the size of the back and the cover of the book to be 160 mm for its width and 230 mm for its height and the margin of the image is 5 mm. .

Book cover design

The first step in designing a book cover

 First, by running Photoshop software and selecting the control keys and N at the same time, create a new document that must be included in the settings window of your new document according to the items mentioned above, and also one of The important thing to consider for this part is the color style. Because for the designs that are finally printed and you design them with the aim of printing them, you should type the color style in this part on CMYK has agreed that you will not experience a drop in quality when you print your design, and finally, by specifying all of the above, click ok to create your new document.

The second stage

In the next step, you have to put guidelines for your design in order to determine the marginal part, and if you put the existing content and the desired design on the cover of the book, in the marginal and cut sections.

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