Background design in Photoshop

Background design in Photoshop


Background design in Photoshop

Background design in Photoshop, which can be different backgrounds and backgrounds, and the user can use any of these tutorials to design an expensive type. In this section, we also select a number of backgrounds. In the meantime, we have mentioned the introduction and design training of these items, and if you wish and use these trainings, you can continue to be with us so that you can do the background design in the best possible way and you can Use it in your designs.

In this article, we have shown you how to design backgrounds, and you can use them to design different types of burgers for yourself, so that through it you can easily in other cases that you want to You have to use them.In designing the backgrounds and tutorials in this section, we have tried to acquaint you with different types of Granda, and then using the filters and hidden tools that exist in Photoshop software, you can easily and without any ambiguity get the best Design the background type.

So do not worry about the difficulty of the work because the methods introduced for each of these tutorials are very simple and are somehow inspired by a special design. Now to use these tutorials and how they created and created the background. Read more with us in your beautiful designs.

Background design training methods in Photoshop

Background design in Photoshop – According to the explanations mentioned in this section, we have provided various tutorials for you and through them you can design your suitable backgrounds. Now, in order to be able to use the taught designs for yourself, provide the simplest training. We are starting this action and through it you can create the best and most beautiful design.

Background design in Photoshop

The first method of designing a background in Photoshop is a paper background

Background design in Photoshop – In this method, as stated in its name, we have designed and made a background that is like a paper that in the background of your design can create a unique beauty for you in the form of its paper texture. So this type of design is very simple and convenient and is also included as the first tutorial and we will explain it to you.The user must act in such a way that first by running Photoshop software, then he must create a document to create and create a document in Photoshop software that can be created on this file. After opening the Photoshop software, by selecting the shortcut keys, which include the control key and the N key, you can see the settings for your document in the window displayed for you. In this section, you can see the size of the created document. Set by yourself to 500 by 500 pixels.

Then, in the next step, the user must refer to the tool menu in Photoshop software, and in this section, by selecting a tool through which the white screen can be selected to underline, we suggest choosing the pen tool through which You can also place the tip of the brush in a small size so that you can easily create lines on your page.The lines that you have to make on your white screen can be compared to the fact that it is at your disposal like a white sheet and you line it up automatically using the pen tool on this page as well. Do.

After you have completely aligned your white page, you should go to the Photoshop main menu to turn this page into a very large paper background page, and in this section, select the filters menu, then you will see a list in which There are several options, among them, select the blur option so that you can continue to select the motion blur option, which immediately after this action, a small window will be displayed for you, and you can also see your original image in this window.

Background design in Photoshop

Background design in Photoshop

 In this section, you must select the angle option, in front of which a numeric value can be entered, then set its value to -90, and the next option, which is also located at the bottom of this option, includes the distance option. Also set it to 84 pixels.

Then, by selecting and placing the said values, click on the ok option and immediately refer to the layers menu and make a copy of your layer, which can also be copied from the bill by right-clicking on the layer and selecting the option. can be duplicate or can be done by pressing the control keys and j at the same time. Finally, after placing a copy, you must change the blend mode to color burn.

Then, by referring to the edit menu in its list, you must select the transform option, and finally, in the last part, after selecting the transform option, you must select the value of rotate 90 cw so that your image rotates the new bill by 90 degrees, and Immediately after that, you can see the result on your image, thus creating a beautiful paper background.

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