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Alexa Ranking


Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is among the features that are much more useful to other people involved in digital marketing, SEO, and content production than other people.Introducing Alexa Company, it can be said that Alexa Internet, which is also called Alexa Internet, is one of the companies that take measures to analyze the amount of traffic on a site.This company is one of the companies under Amazon, which is currently located in California, USA, and offers other services and works on its site.In fact, Alexa today examines the statistics of sites, as well as between the visits of people to websites and other behaviors of users and people who visit the sites; And provides this information to individuals.

Of course, the criteria and assessments based on which this site examines other sites and determines and determines their rankings according to a series of predetermined principles and algorithms that are used Do these actions.This site and its company are very important among users because it provides very important information and details of websites, and this has made it one of the best tools for Convert SEO sites and are very efficient and practical to show the position of websites.

Of course, it is important to mention this point to introduce this site, which includes the fact that this site and the services it provides to users and individuals are completely free, and in return for other information sent to individuals, no Does not receive services. Other features of the Alexa site include displaying a website’s ranking in global rankings as well as displaying the site in drop-down rankings. Individuals and users who use this tool to rank and view The amount of information a site uses. Easily use this tool to check the desired website and then proceed to do other things.

What is Alexa ranking and how is it done?

The rankings that are done in the Alexa site are evaluated according to the parameters and criteria that should be examined in this section, and according to these cases, it can be said that the Alexa site has the rankings that Ennam gives how to do. With regard to this issue, it should be said that it examines other parameters of Alexa site review and analysis according to criteria such as the amount of traffic of a site as well as the visits that people make to the desired sites and rankings. It has two characteristics that include global rankings as well as national rankings.

In fact, the function of this site can be introduced in such a way that it compares the desired site that people are looking to find its rank and ranking with all the sites that exist in the world according to the criteria. The said measure divides them into rankings. In other words, it can be said that the ranking that Alexa offers for other sites, according to the marketing manager of this site, shows the popularity of one site by comparing the popularity of other sites.

One of the important points that should be considered in this section and mentioning it in this article is very important and key is that; Some people get a lot of reactions from other people when they talk about Alexa rankings.It can be said that they face these reactions because in the past, Alexa site obtained its rankings based on its data in the toolbar and ranked the sites according to it. However, it should be noted that these rankings have changed their scale and criteria today, and as in previous periods, they do not use these criteria. The criteria for measuring it are according to the cases mentioned above.

Alexa Ranking

Therefore, it must be said that the sampling method was very wrong in the past because many people did not install this toolbar and only people who worked in the field of digital marketing used it and used it on systems. They installed themselves.For this reason, the sample of statistics that Alexa considers for its rankings and according to that shows the ranking of sites is very limited and the displayed rankings are not correct.

Now, according to the items mentioned in this section, it can be seen that Alexa site rankings are checked according to the number of visitors to the page during the previous three months, which according to this period. The time for ranking the site in the global rankings occurs and the country rankings are reviewed in the period of one month before that.

Of course, Baysad pointed out a point in this section, which is that if a user visits his site more than once during a day, in Alexa ranking, he only records the statistics of his visit to the site in question only once. According to this case, it should be said that no matter how many times a site is visited during a day, it will not have any effect on the site and its statistics, and it will be displayed only once in the statistics.

But the important question that arises for people in this section is why Alexa site uses the data of a site for its rankings and the number of visits in the last three months. And why not check your rankings during a day and according to the statistics of the same day?

To answer this question, it should be said that if Alexa statistics and measurements are based on the statistics of the day and the same data, there is a high possibility of error in it, because to determine this issue, we can address it with an example.Consider many people who, due to the importance of the Alexa site, advertise their site during the day in order to increase their Alexa ranking during the same day.

Or in other sites that create discounts for their customers and this causes the number of visitors to the site to increase during the day.Therefore, considering this case, you will see that when viewing the Alexa rank of the site in question, it shows a number that has no resemblance to its real value, and due to these errors, this site uses the data of a site. According to the time period of the last three months.

Of course, according to the case presented in this section for site rankings, it should be said that; This does not mean that the rankings of the site in question are updated every three months.

In fact, all the rankings displayed on this site for other sites mean that; These statistics are updated every day and other information displayed is completely accurate and updated according to the same day.Another point that exists in this section and many people face this very challenging question is that; Is there a direct relationship between the visitors of a site and the amount of rank obtained from it in Alexa site or not?

To answer this question, which is very important, it must be said that there is a relationship between increasing the number of visitors to a site and improving the ranking of a site, but in terms of its directness, it can not be said that they are completely interdependent. Some of the issues in this relationship face slopes that to better understand this issue, pay attention to the example given in this section.For example, consider a site that has a rank of 20 million in Alexa site rankings, and with only a small number of visitors, its rank changes to 10 million, but in contrast, consider a site Keep in mind that it has a ranking of 500, and in order to reach the rank of 100, it must have a large number of visitors in order to increase its ranking from 500 to 100.

Therefore, considering this issue, it cannot be said that the relationship between these two characteristics are completely interdependent and, of course, there is a relationship between them.

Alexa Ranking

The time it takes for individuals to obtain an Alexa rank can be summarized as follows:

It should be noted that other people who want to check their websites Alexa must first register their website and then after registering it must take a period of time, which is usually between 1 to 3 months from registration. Pass the desired site, after which Alexa displays the rank of their site.

Of course, if the number of visitors to your site at the time of registration on the Alexa site is high, it is possible that; Display your site rankings, and with this in mind, you can increase your chances of showing Alexa site rankings.Therefore, in order to get their ranking on Alexa, it is better for people to publish better content so that they pay more attention to the audience and users who visit their site.

Because in Alexa, the amount of time a person stays on the site and during this time to read its content is very important and affects its rankings, and by using the publication of useful content can be Increased the retention rate of people on the site.Of course, the point that should be mentioned in this section is that in Alexa site, the rankings that it shows to people are such that the lower the individual rank, it means that the rank to The result is better for his site and the best rank is the first rank.

According to the cases and topics that were mentioned in this section for Alexa site and all the disadvantages of this section were mentioned, people can easily build their own websites according to the statistics that they get from Alexa site. In order to improve the number of visitors to their site and increase their ranking towards betterment, which is the reduction of ranking, they should make great efforts so that they do not take the relevant actions more quickly on their way.

Therefore, according to the above, people can easily install the Alexa plugin on their browsers by visiting any site, selecting it, all the information about the site, as well as its ranking among all Check the sites of the world as well as all the sites of your country.

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