Addition in Excel

Addition in Excel


Addition in Excel

Addition in Excel, which is one of the most common mathematical operations, so that when you are faced with a long list of numbers, you can easily do how to add them in Excel. Choosing an option will show you the result immediately and is one of the most simple and easy tasks that will increase your speed in mathematical operations.

One of the important features and functions in Excel software for mathematical calculation is addition, through which you can quickly collect your data easily using the formulas included in it, and you can even You can also subtract the data from each other. You can even use it in other cases that exist in this software and we have only introduced you to the method of collecting in this section, and benefit from the tutorial.

Note that in Excel, using the addition operation easily causes your data to be collected completely correctly in the shortest possible time without any errors, and the result will be displayed to you immediately. Use this method in Excel for your data and enjoy its benefits. It is better to do the method set for it correctly and pay attention to the tricks that exist for it so that you can As one of the professional users, Excel environment can easily work with different parts of it and face it.

Addition in Excel

How to teach addition in Excel

Addition in Excel – Given that we all know that if we have a very long list and want to add it through a calculator, it is a long and difficult task. But if you want the numbers in one We can put the worksheet from Excel. By simply selecting only one command or command, we can perform the action of adding on it, or even only parts of rows and columns, or even for several columns at the same time. So that the result is displayed to us in the shortest possible time and there are no errors in it.

In general, there are different ways to add in Excel, and in order to be able to use these methods, we have introduced them to you in full so that you can use any of these methods and methods. The shortcuts introduced for it can easily and quickly perform addition operations. Now in order to be able to use the addition section in Excel, it is assumed that a set of numbers in a column of the worksheet is placed for you. In this way, if you want to add the desired list, different methods are used.

First, we will introduce you to its simple methods, and then it will provide you with a number of formula writing methods and Excel functions so that you can easily perform operations using these formulas as well.

The first method of addition in Excel without recording in the cell

Addition in Excel – This method is done as the fastest and easiest as well as the best way to add numbers without recording the desired result in a cell, so to use this method, first the area where the desired numbers exist You must select.

Then see the part of the Excel environment that is placed at the bottom of the window as a status bar and its other name also includes the status bar. In this part, usually the sum of numbers and their average with the number of calculated numbers is displayed. And you can easily get the desired sum by referring to this section. A noteworthy point in this section is that for many users it is possible not to display this section. So to be able to put this part on your page and refer to it if necessary, just right-click on the status bar of your Excel environment.

In the displayed list, select the type of calculation or function you want, and by selecting the check for any of these addition or subtraction options or other options that you want to place, make these items in The status bar should be displayed. Now, if you want to use other methods to add in the Excel environment and the result is also saved in this environment and you want to use the result on other parts, you must use other methods in Continue to use.

Addition in Excel

Add in Excel and record the result without typing

Addition in Excel – In order to be able to record the sum of your data in Excel, you must first consider the data sets in a worksheet. For example, in this section, we have placed a set of data in two columns. And in each column there is a series of data. In this section, we add the values ​​in the first column with the second column and put the result in the same second column, so to do this, you must first select your initial area. And copy them.

Next, you must specify your destination area, and then in order to be able to perform the addition operation on them, you must go to the home tab, and in this section, by selecting the Paste option, make this command be executed for you. It shows you an area where there are different parts and if we want to add the first area to your second area, in this window, in the part that includes operation, select the add option and click on the ok option, then You immediately see that the second column of the result h

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